Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Round Up! '13

I hope you guys had a great Christmas/Festivus and New Years Eve! Mine was mostly moving/packing focused of course. I did have a nice movie marathon on Christmas, but that was the extent of my celebrating. I watched Dr. Strangelove, The Grinch (original animated version), and Donnie Darko! Very festive.

To celebrate the New Year I wanted to make a round up of my favorite projects so far on the blog!

Top 5 Projects of 2013:

In no particular order:
  1. Re-Fashioned Tank Top
  2. Paper Cut Pop Art
  3. Comfy Camera Strap
  4. Portal Lemon-ade Display
  5. Pin Cushion Thimble Necklace

Looking back on this year I am very happy with my progress. I feel like I have came into my own more as an adult. I finished my first semester at college. I have worked my butt off and saved up enough to finally get my own (sort of) place. (Which I hopefully sign the lease to on Saturday and start moving in.)  I finally started this blog, have managed to keep up with it these last 4 months, met some interesting people, and it has given me a wonderful creative outlet as well as become a hobby I truly enjoy.

I am so excited to see what there is to come in the new year and I have some plans that I hope come to fruition, some goals I hope to achieve, and some resolutions I hope to keep up with.

My New Years Resolutions are as follows:
  • Finish a project off of my shelf of unfinished projects once every two months. (Clearly I aimed too high last year)
  •  Drink more water. (Seems simple enough right? I am a real soda-junkie)
  •  Re-open Cwafty Creations and keep it open!
  •  Manage Time better/Procrastinate less
  •  Draw or Doodle everyday  
There they are, in black and white. Lets check back next year and see how I did! In the mean time I should be back up and posting regularly again by next week! I have been working really hard on blog stuff in between packing and working and apartment research. I'm sure you guys are going to enjoy whats to come!

How about you guys? What changes are you trying to make this year?

Til Next Time,

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