Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photography 1 Portfolio

I know my blog has still been sort of silent except for Tuesday posts, but I am making that change this week!

Today I thought I would share my best photos overall with you from my Photography 1 class.

The Marble, Watercolor on Photo paper
It was a black and white class but I did get to alter a few photos, this is one of my absolute favorites.

Dramatic Lighting Assignment

Coffee Dyed Photo Paper

Architecture Assignment (Statues count right?)

Reflection Assignment

Portrait Assignment
I cannot wait to get back to college in August. I miss learning new stuff and I still have an elective or two I need to fill which means more interesting art classes!

Also in the month of March I plan on participating in an Art Challenge from Clover and Dot, you can read about it more here. I haven't been keeping up with my art journal like I want to so I'm hoping maybe doing 5-10 minute works of art a day will get me back into the habit. I plan on sharing my work here at the blog and also on my Facebook, and I'd love to see any work you do as well!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, as always I'd love to hear any opinion so let me know in the comments below what you think!

Til Next Time,

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