Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Month Tonight! May Edition

If you didn't catch it the title of this new monthly recap segment I'm doing is a reference to John Oliver's new HBO show. I am a huge fan of Jon Stewart, Stephan Colbert, and John Oliver. They are all hilarious comedians and I support all of their creative endeavors!

No need to be jealous about my awesome desktop, find yours here!
Anyway at the end of every month I'm going to look back and summarize what happened around the Cwafty Blog. This will let me review my work for the month and help me decide where to go next. It also helps any of you guys who may have missed something, or new readers who want to see a quick example of a months posts.

This month I...

Wrote my first ever guest post! It still makes me giddy to think about it, probably because not only was it a great milestone, but I also got to know and work with one of my favorite bloggers! I am referring to the witty, crafty, cat-lady Allison over at Dream a Little Bigger! Her blog is one of the only ones I check every single day, not even because she posts ever day (so much dedication), but just because its a wonderful place to explore and get inspired.

Made me and my room mate some Golden Antler Barrettes! I loved getting to dress up like a wood spirit/fairy/what have you. I love doing nature photo shoots! Me and trees get along nicely

Reached 100 followers on Facebook! It was another great milestone to achieve and it makes me happy that so many people want to keep up with my internet going-ons. So once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Received and Reviewed my third Whimseybox! This was a great box, the skill I got to learn was Calligraphy. It was such an impressive box that my room mate, Vickie, decided to sign up so we could have a craft night.

I made a color-your-own version of this print, which you can find in the review.

Made this Teacup Planter! My desire to have a green thumb is back with a vengeance, and coupled with it is the need to have quirky original planters. That resulted in this adorable cup!

Introduced my mascot, Venture the Gnome! Isn't he the cutest little gnome?! The beard is a my favorite part. Venture is one of my key muses and I hope he can help inspire lots of people.

May was full of great and exciting events and I have some more exciting news I can't share with you yet. Stay tuned!

Til Next Time!

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