Thursday, September 4, 2014

Art Adventure Time #4: Castles in the Sand

This adventure is from the distant past, mid-July I believe. I'm not sure why I haven't gotten it up before but it's here now. It was part mini-vacation, part architecture-undertaking, all fun!

Thats right, I went to the beach. Me. Oh, and Venture of course!

Venture was ready for a beach day!

Bird! Hello Bird! He seemed happy to pose for me and even got a potato chip for his patience. I love feeding birds. I used to have huge flocks of seagulls sit in my front yard and I'd toss them bits of bread for hours. Seagulls we're one of the not awful parts of living on the beach.

For this adventure time I packed some pb&j's, waters, chips, and some fun-size chocolates for dessert. Like my towel? Very 'murica.

Haha me "laying out." As you can see it is a delightfully overcast day, so I was in no real danger of losing my cultured paleness. Plus I stopped on the way there and bought sunscreen just in case, I burn so easily.

We truly don't get out very often. This is probably my favorite shot from the whole trip, because of the perfectly time cloud cover, the circling seagull, and the genuine attempt to keep himself from being blinded.

This A.A.T. was special because not only was it my first one with Venture but I also decided to stray a little from the norm and not art journal for the "art" part. I decided to build. I really wanted to make a giant sand castle keep fortress for Venture to hang out in.

I meant to take more picture of the process but once my hands were wet and sandy I really didn't want to wash them to be able to hold my camera until I was all done, plus I was way to into the planning and digging.

Venture looks at at his beachfront property. Snazzy digs, V.

I like the line the moat makes in this one.

The novelty of visiting the small stretch of sand right near my most recent house on the island was nice for one cloudy, empty day. If the beach had been at all crowded on this Wednesday afternoon it probably would not have been nearly as enjoyable. Venture definetly had a blast getting to be lord of a whole keep for a little bit, it reminded him of Game of Thrones he said.

Til Next Time!


  1. Beach trips are the best. No matter how many times I visit the beach, it will never get old. I love your favorite shot, and that moat you made for Venture is awesome! His flattened self is telling us all about it in his own words, now.

  2. "Cultured paleness" - love it! This leads me down so many avenues of thought, such as - "My paleness is managed as carefully as some people manage their tans" -or- "I'm as white as a cultured pearl" -or- "I'm white because of my ancestral North Atlantic culture". Much more satisfying images than "You're so white I have to wear shades!", which is what I usually get!