Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aniwave Photo-splosion

On December 7th I had a very important "first time", my first time ever selling my merchandise at a convention! Aniwave #5, I believe. Aniwave is a young local convention that is held right up the street from my college annually. I have some friends one the staff and actually hosted a panel about starting your own business there two years ago.  The day is a blur in my mind, but I did manage to snap some pictures between chatting up potential customers.

This dude and his starmie were breathtakingly awesome!
 I meant to get these pictures up last week, but I actually caught the black plague and was indisposed. Just kidding, I caught the didn't-sleep-more-than-25-hours-in-two-weeks-due-to-con-and-finals flu.
The good news is that I both made a profit and a reasonable wage from selling at Aniwave and I made all A's for the semester! I'm just paying for it now. Anyway, here are some of my favorite cosplays from the convention to start us off!

Team Rocket Goon

Ash Ketchum 
aka best little girl @ the con

Court of Owls Members

Cool Wolf Girl?
I was nervous, I should've asked people who they were

Not sure but I LOVED her outfit!

Princess Ariel

Princess Belle

Dark Magician Girl


Genderbent Jack Frost
I had serious hair and hoodie envy

Lady Rainicorn!
She was my best customer of the day :)

My display! I was very proud of it for it being my first time! I felt like everything had a place. Next time I hope to make it a little less utilitarian and a little more cute.

Debut of Angry Peppermint Butler. His face is just too cute, you know he is up to something simply diabolical.

Regular faced Peppermint Butler. He was the product I brought most of, since he's always a big seller.

The Finn Face Pillow

Wow, I bet you're thinking that clock looks familiar! If you've ever played Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask seen my M.M. Clock tutorial you would be correct! I've decided to start taking commissions, meaning I will make you a clock personally for the low one time payment of $100 or two payments of $50! Your choice!

This hat hutch is a must check out! This lady is the female reincarnation of the mad hatter!

These lovely ladies were my neighbors! I loved meeting them, and learning about con stuff!

My friends Miranda and her boyfriend, Atwood. They were selling these really cool hand painted amo boxes. So unique!

This was my across the way neighbor and he made his own version of DnD! It only took 5 years! Go check it out! He thought of everything pretty much.

I didn't take nearly enough photos and they're all kinda bad quality since the artist's ally had such bad lighting but I hope you enjoyed getting to see all the fun stuff that I could capture! I'm gonna do a write up about the convention later.

Til Next Time!

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