Hello, my name is RaChil and this is my blog.  Feel free to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a cookie with me as we get cwafty!

I have had this insatiable urge to create since I was a little girl. My childhood was spent with my nose in a book, hands covered in paint, and my head in the clouds. Now at 20 that's still how I like to live my life. Through the years I've learned lots of different skills and my life goal is to be able to make anything! About 3 years ago I opened my shop Cwafty Creations and started working on this blog, it took a while for it to get here but I've finally done it!

I started blogging about half a year ago and have fallen in love with it. Here on my blog you will find lots of craft and DIY projects, information about my shop, various artsy endeavors, examples of my work, and hopefully loads of inspiration! I'll help you get started below:

6 Random Things on This Blog:

1. Pin Cushion Necklace: This necklace is my favorite go-to accessory, it shows off your crafty side, is functional and I whipped it up and saved about $35 by going D.I.Y. over buy.
2. Lemon-Ade Display:  If you're a fan of Portal you'll love this explosive wall art!
3. Dress to Glove Refashion: Looking for an interesting twist on old clothes? Check out this brilliant refashion!
4. Art Adventure Time is a series where I go exploring as I art journal and photograph my experience. Here is the first one, and here is the second. Find more under Art.
5. Celebrate my favorite holiday; Halloween with me here, and here!
6. Born Weird book Review: If you're looking for an interesting book that's not like most of what you'll find on the book shelves now, check out this review to see if this book is for you!

10 Facts About Me

  1. My favorite color is purple.
  2. Everyone I've ever met has found my taste in music odd. I listen to pretty much everything except for country.
  3. I devour books and am always looking for new ones.
  4. Batman is my favorite super hero hands down, and the Joker my favorite villian.
  5. My favorite movie is a toss up between Donnie Darko and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  6. I would own a menagerie if I could! But for right now my cat, Marbles, will suffice.
  7. I'm 21 and may possibly go into prop making.
  8. I currently live in North Carolina, but plan on changing that as soon as I'm able.
  9. I love shows and some of my favorites are The Venture Brothers, Adventure Time, Sherlock, and Girls.
  10. I have a preference for bright colored skinny jeans and short dark dresses.
Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy your time in my little cwafty corner of the internet and if you see something you like leave a comment, it would delight me! If you feel like keeping up with my doings you can follow me on most social medias and get instant updates on whats new at The Cwafty Blog.

If you want to guest post, need a custom order, or just want to say hey;
email: cwaftycreations@gmail(dot)com

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