Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Month Tonight: January '15 Edition

So, I last did this round-up series in August for July...whoops. I kept up with it only for a few months before it fell to the wayside. New year, new resolve though! I've not missed a post-date so far this year (so...January) and I am putting my best efforts towards keeping up that streak.


Toadstool Pushpins

Simple Leather Headband

Watercolor Marbles Notebook

Ship-In-A-Bottle Lamp

Giraffe Head Accessory Organizer

Read more below to find out all the other mischief I got up to so far this year!

Giraffe Head Accessory Organizer @Dream A Little Bigger

This tutorial has been in mind for so long! It's a relief to finally get it off of my brain and into reality.
Its a scarf and hat organizer to match my elephant jewelry holder! You can find the tutorial over at Dream  A Little Bigger.

Model Magic modeling  "material" is the best thing to use for this project because it's light and airy but at the same time really sturdy.

 This and the matching elephant I made (which you can see in my Workspace Tour are completely covered in old Alice in Wonderland book pages. I feel like that gives them an extra special touch.

Til Next Time!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shop Update: Super Hero Pillows

Exciting news today! I'm heading off to my second convention (Charlotte Mini-Con) this weekend so I've been making loads of new products! Mostly pillows/cushions because...I dunno, I'm just on a pillow kick right now.

These are all super soft and fluffy! They're perfect for your bed or couch if you want to give your house some nerdy flare.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Talk About It Tuesday: Most Exciting Trip of My Life

(So Far)

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good weekend! Today I want to talk about things I don't normally talk about on the blog; Politics and people. Don't run away screaming yet! I've promise it won't get too intense. It's mostly just about my past experiences and how I came to do a complete 180 on my feelings about the topic.

In my junior year of high school ('10-'11) I did the most traveling I have ever done in my life in a short period. I got to go to New York, California, and Washington DC. Those trips were each amazing and special in their own ways but the one that has truly stuck with me the most was when I got to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Style Saturday: Leather and Lace

Alright! My style series is back this week with some killer shots. Alright, maybe that is an overstatement but I really loved this photo shoot.
For the details of the outfit and more photos from the shoot read below!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pokemon Art Academy: Game Review

So many firsts already this year and we're only in the first month! This is my first video game review on the blog, but I've reviewed books...well one book, but more are on the way! I promise! Anyway, unless you're new here you know I love Pokemon! it as a series/conglomeration is probably at my top slot in the best video game list that I mention in this post. Therefore it's fitting that the first game I discuss is from the Pokemon family (plus it's artsy...its like both sides of my personality combined in a game)

I reluctantly asked for this game for my birthday for two reasons. 1. The Sapphire and Ruby remakes were coming out less than a week after my birthday, that was tempting...But 2. I was skeptical if this would even be a fun game. I've always done my best to resist the siren call of  "art games" because in my mind I've always relegated drawing/painting to a different sort of entertainment than video games and didn't think that the two should be mixed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Ship-In-A-Bottle Lamp

Last March I participated in a drawing-a-day art challenge and well to put it bluntly I failed. I completed the challenge's prompts and number of pieces but there was a week in the middle where I just got caught up in other things. This year I decided to try a challenge that is a baby-step in the direction of the d-a-d art challenge, a monthly craft challenge, hosted by Ellen over at The Chilly Dog.

Just one project a month? Plus I get an prompt for a project every month? Can't say no to that! My brain gets taped on ideas sometimes but having a prompt will help me get ideas flowing. This month's prompt: Upcycled glass. Find out how to make your own kitschy Ship-In-A-Bottle lamp below!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Watercolor Marbles Notebook DIY @DALB

I survived my first week back to school ladies and gents. It was sort of killer...I'm a wimp though. I've been privileged my whole college career and only ever had classes that were just on Tuesday and Thursday. This semester a combination of signing up late, some classes just being offered exclusively MWF, and time constraints led me to having class every day...something I haven't done in 3 years...

The good news is that my TuThu classes are 2-D design in the morning and 3-D design during the afternoon. I love having two days completely devoted to studio art.

Getting to be creative at school inspired me to create a notebook for those classes where I can jot down the few notes we take. (You know I love to DIY notebooks) Play with color and shape in this tutorial and make yourself a beautiful notebook in the process!
If you want a colorful, artsy-fartsy notebook check out the tutorial here at Dream A Little Bigger!

Til Next Time!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Art Adventure Time: #5 Spring Back

Today's Adventure is brought to you by forgetfulness! I was cleaning out and generally organizing my computer files the other day and I found a whole cache of photos from a spring adventure I had taken with Venture to the arboretum.
I got to go back and visit my favorite dragon statue in Wilmington, Gideon! His enclosure was in full bloom as was the rest of the acreage, and boy was it beautiful! Come take a little trip back in time with me to a warm spring day- isn't that the prefect cure for these freezing temperatures?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Talk About It Tuesday: The Venture Bros. Appreciation

 I will forever be a kid at heart, part of this aspect of my personality involves a love of cartoons. My absolute favorite cartoon ever is a show called The Venture Bros. It's a cartoon that airs on adult swim and I'm going to do my best to explain my love for this modern masterpiece plus show off some of Venture Bro's stuff; handmade or otherwise.

Go team Venture!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Style Saturday: First Day of School

Welcome to the first style Saturday here at The Cwafty Blog! I've been wanting to start this section since my blog started, but it's been put on the backburner so that other things, like starting Venture Visits, could get off the ground. It's a new year though and since I'm going to college 5 days a week (and thus have reasons to wear clothes that aren't just my work uniform or pj's) I knew I couldn't put it off any longer!

I hope to use this series to show off my odd, cobbled together fashion sense and hopefully some of my own handmade pieces in my outfits. I'll try to post at least two of these a month, every other Saturday, or the Saturdays I don't have a post for Dream A Little Bigger. So if you like this one, come back in two weeks for more!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Watercolor Postcards Pt.1

My Christmas rocked! It was very relaxing and my friends and family spoiled me with awesome goodies. I got lots of Batman memorabilia and art stuff, so basically everything I wanted. Although I am grateful for all of my gifts, the one I have been utilizing most is a kit I got from my sister.

I've been wanting to get a more "serious" watercolor set for a while now. (aka one that doesn't have the word student or crayola on the outside) Luckily my sister is amazing and got me a wonderful watercolor field sketch box, a pack of watercolor paper postcards, and some aqua brushes. I have had a blast painting, find out more below!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Leather Headband 2 Ways

Here's a confession for ya: for as much of a tomboy as I was in high school I had a guilty pleasure of trashy girly books. For example the Gossip Girl Series. I read them all and then watched the show religiously until the end of season 3. I was head over hills in love with Chuck Bass and all the outfits in the show coupled with Jenny's desire to be a fashion designer probably contributed to my late-blooming fashion appreciation.

Blair, one of the main females, had a kick-butt collection of headbands and was totally who I was channeling when I came up with this final tutorial for my leather from EndlessLeather. If you want to add a simple sophisticated headband to your arsenal read more below!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Toadstool Pushpins @ Dream A Little Bigger

Hello Cwafty Readers! If you're reading this it means you survived 2014, pat yourself on the back. It's going to be a big creative year for me, and one of my goals (not a resolution, those are different) is to post more regularly to keep my creative muscle exercised. Wish me luck!

I've had this idea ever since I covered my secondary cork board in that cute mushroom fabric you can see at the top of the shot below. Unfortunately the fabric is too busy to use the pushpins with but they look perfect with my green one!

I love the whimsical look of these guys sprouting from my inspiration board and you will too! They are so adorable! Learn how to make your own over at Dream A Little Bigger!

I'm happy with my first craft of the year, and here's to many more! 

 Til Next Time!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Venture Visits #2: Katie from Punk Projects

Last month we saw Venture's visit with Carly and Silkworm from Zauberbear, Venture got to visit New York and go on a roadtrip! Carly was the first host and decided to make Venture a little souvenir of their time together, she started a tradition I hope the rest of the hosts will continue! 

This month I'm sharing Kate's visit from Venture. Katie blogs over at Punk Projects and lives in my old home state Texas! Read below to find out what shenanigans Venture got into in the lone star state.