Saturday, January 10, 2015

Style Saturday: First Day of School

Welcome to the first style Saturday here at The Cwafty Blog! I've been wanting to start this section since my blog started, but it's been put on the backburner so that other things, like starting Venture Visits, could get off the ground. It's a new year though and since I'm going to college 5 days a week (and thus have reasons to wear clothes that aren't just my work uniform or pj's) I knew I couldn't put it off any longer!

I hope to use this series to show off my odd, cobbled together fashion sense and hopefully some of my own handmade pieces in my outfits. I'll try to post at least two of these a month, every other Saturday, or the Saturdays I don't have a post for Dream A Little Bigger. So if you like this one, come back in two weeks for more!

My first day of school was Jan 8th and it was 15 degrees outside, that's why these pictures are taken in my living room with barely adequate lighting. I literally could not stand to be outside to take these shots. I had to keep moving or else my blood probably would have frozen.

Coat: Thrifted (Gap) // Top: Thrifted (Forever21) // Pants: Thrifted (Gap)
Hat: Crush // Boots (Madden Girl)

I found this jacket while out shopping with my aunt and mom the other week. I saw it and immediately thought that we were meant to be together. I KNEW we were meant to be together when it was only $15 (my aunt was a sweetheart and bought it for me for Christmas though, my mom got me the shirt). This outfit was super comfy and relaxed, which was perfect for a day where I got to sleep in for an extra hour because my school lost power.

Til Next Time!

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