Saturday, January 24, 2015

Style Saturday: Leather and Lace

Alright! My style series is back this week with some killer shots. Alright, maybe that is an overstatement but I really loved this photo shoot.
For the details of the outfit and more photos from the shoot read below!

In a stark contrast to last S.S. the weather was wonderful! It was 55 and sunny when I had a break between classes to take some pictures.

I like this outfit because it has a little edge. The boots and jacket give me an appearance that I am much more bad-ass than I actually am. That's easily toned down with the lace-bodice sleeveless dress with a tulle skirt though.  This is a perfect outfit for when the temperatures fluctuate a lot, i.e. cold mornings, warm afternoons.

Dress: Speechless (Ross) // Jacket: Thrifted (TCEC) // Leggings: Thrifted (N/A)
 Boots: Madden Girl

I really have a thing for exposed zippers. I need to learn the method to incorporate them into my own sewing, maybe I'll even make a tutorial!

These are the only pair of boots I really own, so they get a lot of use in the winter. Fun Fact: The right shoe's heel is now kept on with E6000 and has held up remarkably well for the last year.

I took these pictures in a place that is less than 5 minutes from my college. I hope to find lots of other good photo spots for this series that are close to my historic down-town campus. (The downtown is historic, not the campus. That's fairly new. In fact new buildings are being built all the time!)

Til Next Time!

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