Saturday, January 17, 2015

Watercolor Marbles Notebook DIY @DALB

I survived my first week back to school ladies and gents. It was sort of killer...I'm a wimp though. I've been privileged my whole college career and only ever had classes that were just on Tuesday and Thursday. This semester a combination of signing up late, some classes just being offered exclusively MWF, and time constraints led me to having class every day...something I haven't done in 3 years...

The good news is that my TuThu classes are 2-D design in the morning and 3-D design during the afternoon. I love having two days completely devoted to studio art.

Getting to be creative at school inspired me to create a notebook for those classes where I can jot down the few notes we take. (You know I love to DIY notebooks) Play with color and shape in this tutorial and make yourself a beautiful notebook in the process!
If you want a colorful, artsy-fartsy notebook check out the tutorial here at Dream A Little Bigger!

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