Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shop Update: Super Hero Pillows

Exciting news today! I'm heading off to my second convention (Charlotte Mini-Con) this weekend so I've been making loads of new products! Mostly pillows/cushions because...I dunno, I'm just on a pillow kick right now.

These are all super soft and fluffy! They're perfect for your bed or couch if you want to give your house some nerdy flare.

Each pillow is hand patterned, sewn, stuffed and sent by me. They are made out of super soft anti-blizzard and anti-pill fleeces. You can purchase them at this link.

These are only the designs I've came up with so far. I'd be happy to make a custom one for you if you have a special love for a super hero I haven't gotten around to yet! Just shoot me an email at cwaftycreations (at) gmail(dot)com or message me on Etsy.

Til Next Time!

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