Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Month Tonight: January '15 Edition

So, I last did this round-up series in August for July...whoops. I kept up with it only for a few months before it fell to the wayside. New year, new resolve though! I've not missed a post-date so far this year (so...January) and I am putting my best efforts towards keeping up that streak.


Toadstool Pushpins

Simple Leather Headband

Watercolor Marbles Notebook

Ship-In-A-Bottle Lamp

Giraffe Head Accessory Organizer

Read more below to find out all the other mischief I got up to so far this year!

Blog News:

  • Venture Visits had it's second installment this month, he visited my friend Katie from Punk Projects in Texas! Read about that adventure here!
  • I joined the 2015 Craft-A-Month challenge and you should too, even if you missed this month it's alright to start late!

  • I've got the new design for the blog planned out, and am going to start implementing it next month. I've set a "blog tidy up goal" for each month in my blog planner! So everything is going to get updated and streamlined this year (hopefully)
  • I started a new outfit/fashion series that comes out every other Saturday! You can find the first installment of Style Saturday here. Fun Fact: It was really, really cold.
  • I've possibly got something in the works with Darby Smart. I'll give you guys an update as soon as I know more!

Shop News:

  • The shop got some new stock, find them here! These pillows are super soft, fluffy, and cute!

Other News:

  •   My favorite Christmas present I received was a travel kit of watercolors from my sister. I've been painting up a storm, check out my work here!
  • I am at my second convention selling my crafts today: Charlotte Mini-Con! I have never been to Charlotte but I probably won't have time to explore much. It's just a one day event and it's a 3.5 hour drive from my house. I do hope to post some pictures and talk about the Con on Thursday though!
  • I started my second semester back at college earlier this month. I'm currently taking Theatre Appreciation, Intro to Computers, 2-D Design, and 3-D design. The upside is 2-D and 3-D design, the downside is I have class 5 days a week.

Til Next Time!

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