Thursday, February 5, 2015

Charlotte Mini-Con Photos

On January 31st I woke up before dawn to head to Charlotte NC for Charlotte Mini Con! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a mini comic con that's been held in Charlotte since 1982, I believe. I figured since Aniwave went well, I should try vending again.

It was the biggest trip I've taken in a while and I had a great time seeing all the costumes, booths, and merch. Check out more pictures below!

You we're greeted at the door by this amazing star wars display from what is apparently our local storm trooper legion! Join up today to help the empire get those dirty rebels!

Through some magical twist of fate, my table-mate ended up being a guy I met at Aniwave (he was my neighbor then too.) It was great to see him and his family again. Oh and if you like those new pillows I'm selling you can get them here!

His products are pretty awesome, he sells coasters, ornaments, magnets, beanies, or the characters/symbols on their own.

This was my neighbor on the other side! Her name is Emily Helen and she makes the most adorable mini comics. Her style is halfway between Penny Arcade and Jhonen Vasquez.

You should check out her stuff because it's wonderful, here's her links.

I did my best to take photos of everyone who bought my stuff, but I forgot a lot. This guy was first though and he "had to have" my batman pillow. Thanks for starting my day off right!

A+ Joker costume, Bravo.

Loved this Harley gang!

This kid rocked, Xmen hat, deadpool shirt and that killer custom cast.

This Harley's Hammer was gigantic! I admired her just for carrying it around the whole convention. She said it was made out of an old barrel and then bolted to the staff part. Great workmanship!

They had a lot of comic artists there, not anyone I knew, but it was still awesome to be around so many professional creatives.

How sweet is this ghost buster-mobile?! Ecto1 is looking fresh and modern. There were some matching ghostbusters walker around but I never got a single picture.

There are a few of thes mini-cons sprinkled throughout the year in Charlotte, but in June they have their big Hero Con which is three days long. My current business delima is deciding if I should go or not, and I have to decide before the end of February. Ugh the pressure.

Til Next Time!

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