Thursday, February 26, 2015

Venture Visits #3 Road Trip with Megan

Hey everyone! It's the end of the month again so it's time to check in with Venture! Last time we saw Venture he was visiting Katie in Texas, which you can read about here.
Venture got to go camping and explore some of Texas. Funnily enough his next host is from NC, my current location, but was staying in Texas when Venture came her way. Read more about Venture's biggest adventure yet below!

Waco, Texas had a colorful history long before the Branch Davidian incident in 1993 (which, incidentally, did not actually take place within Waco).

In recognition of Waco’s past, each year about this time the Waco Storytellers Guild presents “Walking Tales”.   It’s an event where talented storytellers dress up as notable Wacoans and tell their life histories at their gravesites.  Venture was particularly intrigued by Brad Turner’s presentation on the life of William Cowper Brann (January 4, 1855 – April 1, 1898).

Brann was, to say the least, outspoken on the issues of his day.  He owned an independent newspaper called The Iconoclast and made many enemies, some of whom included several administrators and professors of Baylor University.  On March 31, 1898 he was shot in the back in broad daylight while on the main street of Waco by a Baylor supporter.  Killing Brann wasn’t enough for his detractors however, and if you look at the temple of the profile beneath Venture you will see the indentation made when someone shot Brann’s grave marker as well.

Venture next went to Las Vegas! He visited some casinos and was on the Strip as the sun went down.

 Despite his alleged magical powers, he was down 92 cents on the penny slots and decided to go out and people watch rather than lose more to the one-armed bandits. Las Vegas was very interesting!

 Venture was awed by the Grand Canyon - it was a little different each time he saw it, but always majestic.  He even got a little snow on Christmas Day, and saw about seven elk just lounging by the trail, close enough to touch. (He didn't.) He was one of the close to five million visitors who come to the Canyon annually, from all over the world. He says that seeing the Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list.

Megan and Venture even sent me a postcard from the Canyon! I'm a little jealous because I really want to visit the Grand Canyon! I've included a (bad) scan copy of the original postcard.

He also visited Lake Havasu, AZ and saw the original London Bridge. According to a brochure he read, it was dismantled stone by stone in London, then painstakingly reassembled in the Arizona desert.

Finally, Venture spent some  time in Palm Springs - he hoped to soak up some sun but there wasn't any - it's winter there, too!  He did pick up a pair of glow-in-the-dark traveling shoes, and posed in front of some orange trees belonging to two different neighbors (every home in this neighborhood seems to have one).

Venture sent me one last postcard before heading off to his next host!

Venture said it better than I could've myself! Check back next month to see how Venture fared in Saint Louis.

Til Next Time!


  1. It's so fun to read about Venture's travels! :) I'll actually be in Waco tomorrow...

  2. Thanks for the fun post! We had a fine time with Venture and are looking forward to his future adventures. The new blog look is great!

    Katie - hope you had a good visit to Waco - there's a lot more going on there than most folks realize.