Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Unicorn Valentines Day Card + Printable

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies! Sorry...that's weird, I don't normally call you that. Everything is more mushy around this time of year though and I fear my brain has become infected. This is my final project for the holiday, so now I can get my mind off of the topic.

Making your own is super easy because I made the cards into printables that you can customize, plus you get to learn how to fold an origami unicorn. Look deep within yourself, isn't that a skill you've always wanted? Learn all that and get the link to the cards below!


  • This Printable (Printed on cardstock or watercolor paper)
  • Workable Fixative
  • Watercolors (Markers, Colored Pencils, etc.)
  • Origami Paper (Or pretty paper that you can cut down into a perfect ~5-6 in. square)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (May want lighter to de-fray the ends)

The papers you'll need for this project! Mostly I wanted to show off this gorgeous metallic marbled paper I found at a shop near my school. It's called Just Write Occasions and I will definitely be a repeat customer since they have great papers for projects and cheap stationary for my pen pal exploits.  (Oh my gosh I picked up the BEST roll of paper for a future project). I originally drew out the heart and quote with India ink and my pen nib. Then  I scanned it and manipulated it in adobe illustrator to convert it to a PDF to share.

Step 1: You are going to want to spray your printed cards with workable fixative to protect the printer ink from running if you use watercolors or markers. Workable Fixative is just what it sounds like, it fixes whatever medium you have down on your paper/canvas so you can continue to work on something without messing up what you've already done.

Step 2: Color your hearts however you wish! I chose to go with water-coloring mine in pink and red tones since I'm still on a huge watercolor kick.

After I got the heart completely colored in I re-wet my brush and just swirled it around creating an interesting pattern.

Step 3: Cut your heart out of the paper. As you can see on the one below I free handed a scalloped edge around the heart. I didn't do this for all the hearts I made but it did give a few that special pop! Plus if you start scalloping one and mess up you can just cut around the black outline and pretend like it never happened.

Step 4: Fold your origami unicorn! Unfortunately I cannot claim coming up with this part of the project, I learned how to make mine here. That's a great tutorial to follow. You'll need one for each Valentine.

I did a lot of origami in elementary and middle school. I even took an origami elective at my magnet elementary school in Texas but I never knew there was a reasonable unicorn! I knew there was a level 5 intricate and hard as hell version, but not one you could whip up in 5 minutes. I'm so happy! I will always fold unicorns now.

Step 5: Lay your unicorn down on the side of your heart that doesn't have the quote. You want it to be at an angle as pictured below. Mark where the unicorn's neck ends on either side.

Cut a slit where you drew each mark.

Step 6: Cut a length of ribbon about 6 inches long. Thread through the two slits you cut.

Place your unicorn down and tie the ribbon around his neck to keep him in place.

Step 7: Give to your loved ones!

If you would rather make something a little more less punny, little more killer robot you can make this Companion Cube Pop Up card I designed last year.

P.S.I have officially given one card so far and it's recipient was super happy. So they're field tested, girl approved!

Til Next Time!


  1. This is hilarious, and I love the unicorn! :)

    I did a lot of origami when I was a kid too!

  2. Very cute idea. The unicorn makes me smile!

  3. Can't get any cuter than this! Great project with wonderful step by step directions!