Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Comission: Eevee Evolution Chain Shoes

Hey everyone! I took off last week due to burnout. Basically there were these commission projects that I took on and underestimated the amount of time/work they'd require. Don't you hate that? Do you do this with crafts/projects and mess up your schedule too??
I digress, recently I decided to start advertising my work online a little more. Nothing huge, just local Facebook trade/buy/sell groups and the like. It worked though! One lovely lady commissioned me to paint all nine of the Pokemon Eevee's evolutions onto these Converse. See how they turned out below!

I am sad that I did not get more pictures of these babies before I sent them on their way. I finished them (super late past my promised ship date) and got them shipped immediately.

Here you can see where I transformed the normal Converse logo on the inside side of the shoes into a giant pokeball!

I also included the symbols for all of the trading card game energy symbols because my customer told me she plays and thought they would look cool. She was right, I ran with it.

I am very happy with these shoes. I take commissions for these at my shop, Cwafty Creations, or email me at cwaftycreations (at) gmail (dot) com and we can work something out.

Til Next Time!

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