Sunday, August 3, 2014

Last Month Tonight: July Edition

*This post was ready on the day it was supposed to post (7/31)  but as I mentioned in my last post, I literally lost my mind this week and some how this didn't actually go live. Whoops!*

Whew, July is finally over. This month has been exhausting. I have done a million and one things if I've done anything, and trust me, I've done everything. Or at least that's how I feel. This month was all about preparing for the next 10 or so months of my life. But I'll get into that more below, here's whats been happening this month:


Sweet Treat Tote

Cat Crack  Stick w/ Feather Facinators

Kimono Top DIY

Blog News:

  • I successfully contributed to Dream A Little Bigger this month! It was a very exciting experience and you can read about how it happened here.
  •  I reviewed June's Whimseybox and made this gorgeous frame. I also ended up with two boxes, so I raffled one off and the winner was Miranda C.! Actually a friend of mine in the non-pixel world, Miranda will be joining us next month because she already signed up to try a box!
  • I co-hosted the Link it or Lump it Link Party and loved/featured this post by Zauberbear.
  • I started a new segment on the first and third Tuesday of every month called Talk About It Tuesday.  This month I talked about my favorite blogs.
  • Gnome Foster-ers needed! Inquire here.
  • My above mentioned Cat Crack Stick was featured online in Make magazine! How awesome is that!!!?
  • If you're a blogger or aspiring blogger you'll want ti get your hands on Building A Framework by Abby Lawson, read my full review here.

Shop News: 

  •  Made my first sale back in business! Whoot :D
  • The shop is getting loads of views which excites me. I've never had this many eyes on my products, some items are going to be added to the shop soon and there will be an update for that coming soon.

Other News: 

  • I attempted to get all my paperwork and scheduling done for school and will know tomorrow if I will actually get to go back this year or not. I'm really hoping, and planning to (even though I don't want to get my hopes up too high)
  •  I also have hopes/goals to go to two nerdy conventions one in the upcoming Winter, one in the Spring. I want to sell at the first one and just hope to finally attend the second, but this will mean I need lots of prep time for product back-stocking and costuming.
  •  In response to those last two and my failures last week: I've tried to get a lot of stuff done or already started on for future blog content to schedule ahead of time. My goal is knowing that I will get overwhelmed with school/con prep/life/work so try to counteract that and have most of the blog stuff already done or in the works so I can work on it when I have time and that not effect it going up in a timely manner.

I got a lot done blogging wise this month, enough that I would give myself a hand for my first month of  now officially part time blogging. I just hope my life stuff straightens itself out some in August.

Til Next Time!

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