Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dreams really do come true with Dream A Little Bigger!

 If you've been keeping up with the blog for the last week or so I've been telling everyone I've got some big news to share. Well, today is the day! There's just a little back story I have to explain to get to the news, but trust me it's well worth it!

Some months ago I took a chance and asked a blogger I truly admire if I could guest post on her blog, I pitched my tutorial idea to her and she was very enthusiastic, super sweet and helped me out a bunch. (It was my first ever guest post/interaction with a "big name" blogger) The post went live on May 1 and I was very proud of it. It seemed to do well, and I felt very accomplished for having completed my first guest post. Blogger level up! I also got to make a new friend which was probably the best part.

 Now fast forward to the middle of May: I am currently managing a pizza restaurant most nights and doing the blog and other life stuff where ever I can fit it in. The long hours, loads of stress coupled with responsibility, and lack of...well I don't want to say appreciation, how about equal effort put in by the rest of management were really wearing me down. I needed to get out, people had been telling me to get out for a while but I was nervous. This was only my first job, I'd been promoted as high as I could be, I worried about the stability of the economy and finding a job that paid well enough.

My luck finally broke towards the end of May when I got called back for an application I had put in. I had an interview and it went very well and I was offered the job on the spot. I took it ecstatically and put in my two weeks notice that very day at the pizza restaurant.

I was so excited, I was going to be working enough to make ends meet but not enough that it consumed my life. To me that meant that I could put more work into my blog, I could finally reopen my shop (which I had only had to close when managing was becoming far too much). I felt like doors were opening up around me and it was a very freeing feeling. Little did I know opportunity would soon be knocking at a door I hadn't even considered, a door far down the hallway.

About a week ago I came home from my new job and checked all my blog stuff, which is my ritual; blog, twitter, tumblr, facebook, pinterest, gmail. In my email inbox was a message that was truly life changing, or at least that's how I've perceived it. That blogger mentioned wayyyy back in the first paragraph, my friend the lovely Ms. Allison from Dream A Little Bigger, had contacted me asking if I would be interested in contributing to her blog regularly, in a professional capacity. I couldn't believe it, I read and re-read the message a few times before yelping and running downstairs screaming to explain what had just happened to my room mates.

After getting over the initial shock and getting hugs and congratulations from the roomies, I ran back up to my computer to gush to Allison how truly honored and thrilled I would be to contribute to Dream A Little Bigger. We worked out the details and now I will be posting twice a month over at DALB.

This is going to mean a few changes around here, but I hope they won't detract from The Cwafty Blog overall. For the most part things are going to stay the same, I'm still going to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays mainly. You may have noticed that this month though, I've been doing my best to post more than twice a week and I hope that that is something I continue. One big change is going to be that the first and third Tuesday of every month are going to become Talk About It Tuesdays(or something along those lines). This is because my DALB posts will be coming out on the first and third Saturday of every month. See, no need to worry about lack of cwafty tutorials! They're basically just moving to a different channel and time slot, but you can still watch the shows you love.

I'm still a little in shock over the whole situation. When I started blogging I read blogs like Allison's and thought, "That's what I want to achieve, that's the place I want to get to as a blogger." I want to have beautiful pictures of the brilliant projects I've dreamt up, I want to have loads of people commenting/pinning/sharing/interacting, I want to be known as a crafty expert locally, I want to be know internationally, I want to share my vision with the world, I want to be able to do this for a living and put my heart into something I really truly love. This seems like the first step and I can't believe I'm already taking it. The Cwafty Blog isn't even a year old yet! 

I'm so glad I finally got to tell you guys! The secret has just been building and building all week :)
I'm so excited for this opportunity and I hope I make you and Allison proud!

Til Next Time!



  1. RaChil, oh my goodness, I'm so happy for you! Way to go, putting yourself out there and reaping the reward! And it's lovely that you finally found a more comfortable job. How's the weather up on Cloud 9? I can't wait to see what you've got in store for Dream a Little Bigger! :)

    1. Thank you Carly! You are an absolute sweetheart <3 It was scary at first but I cannot believe everything that has happened from that one pitch. So glad I took a chance! Also the weather is pretty much perfect, and I'm not sure I'll be coming down any time soon >w<

  2. You are definitely making me proud. I'm so excited and couldn't be more pleased that you hopped on the train. We'll conquer the crafty world, my friend!
    P.S. You are too sweet and I adore you :)