Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Month Tonight: June Edition

Hello everyone! I think June has been one of The Cwafty Blog's most successful months so far! The facts speak for themselves though. Here's what happened this month:



Blog News:

  • The aforementioned Crystal Necklace has beat out my Portal Lemon-ade Display as my most viewed and is by far my most pinned project! Watching the numbers climb up so much was really exciting!
  •  My Crystal Necklace was featured over at Craftgossip, Link it or Lump it, and Home Coming's Friday Features!
  • I started a series called W.I.P. Wednesday, here's the first installment.

Shop News:

  • I officially re-opened my shop on June 9th and held a giveaway to celebrate. That giveaway is closed and Natalie is the lucky winner of a custom Pin Cushion Necklace!
  • I added the the Large Crystal Geode Necklace for sale in the shop!
  • Another sale! Currently going on now it's a flat 15% off the whole shop sale, ends today!

Other News:

  • This was my first month at my new job. I left saying that I wanted less responsibility and more free time to pursue my creative avenues (my blog, my shop, my work). So far I am proud of what I have achieved in only this first month; managing more posts than usual, reopening Cwafty Creations, expanding my social media presence, and already meeting one of my goals I had when leaving my old job. (I didn't even have to actively put in any effort, is the funniest part) I've got high hopes for the future!
  • My roomie Vickie and I had a crafty party making May Flowers with our Whimseyboxes.
  • I give you guys my grand office tour! I've cultivated a very inspiration space to be creative in if I do say so myself.
  • If you're a regular reader I've been talking about a big surprise for a week or so now and I'll finally be letting the cat out of the bag tomorrow, so come back to find out the exciting news!
I like this Monthly Roundup a lot better with the new organization system! How about you?

Til Next Time!

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