Thursday, June 12, 2014

May Whimseybox Review: May Flowers

**This company is no longer in business**
Hello everyone! I am happy to be sharing another review of Whimseybox with you today! This month not just one, but two Whimseyboxes arrived at my mail box. One for me and one for my room mate! We we're so excited.

Vickie(my room mate) and I frantically opened our boxes in the kitchen and threw our packaging to the kitties. We both couldn't wait to try so I had to get my bloggy business (obsessive photographing ahem) out of the way quickly so we could have a craft night.

Let's start with the un-boxing. Off to a good start, this month's color is purple, my favorite!

How gorgeous is this print? Mixed watercolor circles with one pop of glitter to keep the eye focused? Easily my favorite art print I've received. The artist is Ashely Gardner of Printable Wisdom Designs.

Oh! Paper Flowers, those look better than any paper flowers I've ever made. Mine aren't usually recognizable as any sort of real flower. I'm excited to try though!

Here on the supply card you can see examples of the four flowers that they give you instructions to make. The dahlia is my favorite I think! Also I'm so glad I got the rich romance option. On the card you can see the peachy keen color scheme (which Vickie, my room mate received.) I got the rich, dark papers you can see near the top of the picture and I threw in some black tissue from my personal stash.

This month's box was jam-packed with supplies!
Included in this months box were:
  1. Assorted Tissue Papers
  2. Crepe Paper
  3. 5.5" Scissors
  4. Xyron Glue Stick
  5. Floral Tape
  6. Alleen's Tacky Glue
  7. Floral Stamens
  8. Wire Pieces
These gorgeous golden handled scissors might be one of the best things I've ever received in one of my boxes. I'm a stickler for good scissors with specific uses and these are going to replace my old, but well loved paper set.

The beautiful print doubles as the instructions for the craft! If you still can't figure out the craft with the instructions, the Whimseybox blog always has helpful tips and/or videos! This month was a little different, the construction instructions were here in the art print like usual, but this was such a big project that more instructions were necessary!
Underneath all of the supplies you'll find these paper templates and a ruler, with instructions on how many petals to cut for each flower and if they require shaping of any kind.

Vickie and I cranked up the iHome, grabbed some soda and our scissors and got to work cutting out our templates. For the next two hours we talked, sang, laughed, cursed(as we had small setbacks) and generally bonded  with our flower making. Here are some pictures from our craft sesh.  
Vickie liked making her own flowers more than following the instructions, she made a Magnolia and what we decided was a Katniss Lilly. We both made the dahlia  and declared that our favorite! It was a really fun night, and now I want to get a party pack and get a few girls together for it.

These are my peony, dahlia, and begonia.

They look particularly nice in my Recycled Flower Vase.

Beautiful! These we're not too hard to make, but they don take a little bit of patience to individually glue 20-30 petals on some of the flowers.

Venture particularly enjoys them! These ones won't fade and die like the roses I picked from work.
This wasn't my favorite box, but I really enjoyed getting to craft with a buddy. I also liked learning about how the different flowers were made up. The color options we're beautiful and I'm very happy with my finished project. They make my craft area happier.
Here's what Vickie had to say about her experience.

 "The best part of the Whimseybox was the mystery of what was coming. Once it was here it was cool, I could follow the given instructions or do my own thing and end up with something equally as pretty. Also the fact that they shared my instagram picture was cool! It made me feel like part of the community!"
The picture in question! I'm so proud :)

 Now if I've made you want to try Whimseybox, you can sign up here and receive $5 off your first box (Trust me, you won't regret it!). If you want to try your hand at paper flowers you can find the links below to purchase the kits or the supplies from the Whimseybox shop.

 This is an affiliate post, I was not compensated for writing this post. However if you make any purchases after clicking on the supply links I will be compensated. Thank you if you do, I'm not asking you too if you don't want to. :)

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  1. Wow! I never knew there was a subscription crafts box! That is so cool! I'll need to let my crafty bloggy buddies know about this! Thanks for the review, everything you got looks great! #ProductReviewParty

    1. I thought it was one of the coolest ideas when I found out! Thanks for the shares and the comment! :) Everything was wonderful

  2. I bet your kit was a lot of fun! Great for those rainy days or when you're feeling creative.

  3. I am really only a crafty-type of person if everything is all laid out for me and instructions are to be found. This box seems like fun and your flowers turned out very lovely! I love subscription boxes, I may have to check it out for a month :) #ProductReviewParty

    1. I would totally suggest you try it for at least a month, that's what I started out doing :) at $10 with the discount, its a great price for a surprise to your front door!

  4. Whimseyboxes look like fun! I've always loved the idea of being subscribed to a monthly delivery of something special, but I could never pick a subscription to try out. Maybe these will be my first. :)