Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mini-Garden Tour

So it's been a while since I've shown off my little garden, since October actually. In that great expanse I have managed to acquire some new plants and lose/kill some old ones. Now that I have my own apartment though I really hope to expand it even more this summer. I just fear that during the winter they'll all die off unless I move them inside and when I move them inside....Marbles will try to eat them. 

She has a taste for flowers! She's a bad Marble. Now onto the actual plants!

A full view of the little door-side garden. This is the extent of my front porch. The purple petunias are the newest edition to the family, I named them Petunia, after Harry Potter's aunt.

This is my dinosaur planter. His plant was one of the ones that passed, so I transplanted one of the offspring of my big cactus, Smaug, into him.

Smaug himself. He's the plant I've managed to keep alive longest, not surprising 'cause he's a cactus. I did used to have another cactus though and unfortunately he didn't make it through some of the kids in the back of my apartment pulling him out by his roots. I didn't notice for a while (bad plant mommy!) but I rarely went out back unless it was to water him and since he was a cactus it wasn't that often. I still couldn't believe that kids would be stupid enough to pick up a cactus though...I know it was kids and not an animal cause they left a little toy car behind.

My succulent is unhappy I think. He seems to be stretching a lot and I'm not sure if that's healthy for it. There are little baby rosettes on the stem though, I need to try to plant those in new pots.

Then there's the rest of the succulents that I planted in my teacup planter. As hard as I worked on that DIY, its still having some issues and I actually really need to write up a post about it.

I love the radial symmetry of Smaug. He seems a lot happier since I plucked off the 10-15 mini cacti that were weighing him down. 

That's my little garden! I hope you enjoyed getting to see all my plant-babies. I hope to finally have my DIY for the week up tomorrow and then maybe a style post on Saturday. I've already risen to be one of the best people at my new job and they're consistently giving me more hours than I want. It's making finding time to blog hard. Oh well...I guess I can't be too upset about success. I feel very torn between making money right now and having the free time to earn the possibility to earn more money in the future.

Til Next Time!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Allison! That's my favorite, I made it in ceramics in high school. It was supposed to be a pencil holder, but its so much cooler as a planter :)

  2. Your dinosaur planter is perfect.

    1. :) Thank you, the dino's name is Lenny, I can't believe I forgot to mention. I couldn't resist the "make a planter out of a plastic dino" trend!

  3. I love that you named your plants! :)

    1. :) Everything I care about gets a name, from my computer to my sewing mannequin. It helps me take care of them, because I have to mourn them if they die. Its almost a way of tricking myself into being responsible. XD