Thursday, July 17, 2014

Venture Visits: Want to meet Venture?

Today I have an announcement for a very exciting project.  I've had the idea for this in my mind for a long time. The idea: Send Venture, my mascot gnome, to fans/friends/fellow bloggers to inspire them, explore with them, help them figure out a solution to a problem, what have you; he's a pretty helpful gnome.

 Are you interested in fostering Venture for a bit? Read more below!

Venture Visits Guidelines:

  1. The person who sends Venture your way is going to be kind enough to provide him with airfare. I ask that you do the same. (First Class from USPS is $2-3 at most)
  2. Foster Venture for 2 weeks. (Possibly more depending on participants)
  3. Document your experience with Venture in photos and write up a post about your time together for a guest post on my blog. I'd love to see it on your blog as well!
  4. I would like the ability to disclose at least part of Venture's location so that I can keep track of him with a map for readers. (City, State preferred, but will take just State).
  5. If using social media and want to mention Venture use #venturevisit or #cwaftyventure
    Edit 1/11/15:
  6. Venture's purpose is to inspire creativity and his first few hosts have made him souvenirs to take home as reminders of their time together. I'd love to encourage the creation of some small inexpensive memento for Venture from each host.
I already have a few participants lined up and just need to decide where to send Venture off to first.
If you would like to get a visit from Venture, just email me at cwaftycreations at, with Venture in the subject line. I will get back to you super soon and set up your Venture visit!

What are you waiting for? Venture would love to dine at your most sophisticated mushroom restaurants asap!

Til Next Time!

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