Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cutting Up: Hair Update!

So I once again have become bored with my hair and since I am going to be going back to school soon, I thought it was time for a new look. I am super cheap though. Well lets call it frugal, that sounds better. You guys know I'm a DIY over BUY kinda gal, so I did this whole thing as cost effectually as possible.

Here's the most recent shot of how my hair has been looking recently:

I went red about two months ago, but as you can see red washes out so quickly. Unless you like cold showers, which I am not a fan of.  Clearly my roots have grown out though, so that also contributes to the problem. I needed a new color and a style change quick!Read more below to find out exactly what I did to it!

My hair on the dying day. Freshly not washed to better absorb all that delicious color.

Do you know I used to have short hair? Do you know why I let it grow out? Partly cause I'd over dyed it and needed to let it heal and have some alone time, partly because my friend moved away and she cut my hair(for free.) I had never had the guts before this day, but I decided if I needed my hair cut, I was the only one available to do it. That only helped a bit, I was super nervous when I put the scissors to my hair and made the first snip, then there was no going back.

Not too shabby! That's as far as I'm willing to go as of this time though, and really all I needed to switch up my style. I'm still just really thankful that I didn't completely screw my hair up. Just goes to show you the internet can teach you anything!

Then came the dye, and here are the results!

I'm loving it! The last time I had black hair was almost a year ago. Its funny watching peoples expressions when you show up at work one day with different hair than you left with last time. I want to add some blue or purple streaks to it soon, but that may have to be professionally done.

Til Next Time!


  1. It looks great! Black really compliments your skin tone in a contrasty way, if you get what I mean. :)

    1. I understand exactly what you mean :) Thank you, I am loving being raven-haired.