Thursday, August 28, 2014

July Whimseybox Review: Losing My Marbles

 **This company is no longer in business**
This box was sent late due to Whimseybox switching over to a new HQ so that's why this review is so late in the month.

Also I've got another friend enjoying the whimsey with me this month! But you'll get to meet her and check out what we did below.

I had to double check my calender that February hadn't somehow snuck up on me again, but no it is August. Whimseybox HQ must be getting ready for the most love-filled month though, I mean pink and lovey-dovey flamingos, I think its a bit much.

The art print is cute, don't get me wrong. I just won't probably see it again until Valentines Day of next year. The featured artist this month was

The art print doubles as the instructions for the craft. If you need any extra help or want some other great inspiration check out their website.

Every box comes with a label for the spine so you can reuse the box as storage, an achievement button, and a card detailing everything included in the box for the craft.

Included in this month's box were:
  • Two Blocks of Sculpey
  • Super Glue
  • Glass Glitter
  • Razor
  • Jewelry Findings
    • Necklace
    • Earrings

Miranda and I planned a whole crafty date but when I got to her place I discovered I had brought the wrong Whimseybox! I had used one of my old boxes to store a W.I.P. blog project (batman notebook) and grabbed that one instead. So mostly you get to watch Mir craft, she didn't mind being the star though and she had a lot of fun!
Reading the instructions first, I'm so proud!

I made this .gif of her whole creative process!

It was super fun to work with her and we laughed pretty much the whole time. We had a lot of quotes I wanted to use, but this is one of my favorites that I can remember because I didn't write anything down.

Here's what I ended up making. As you can see there we're two color palettes this month, white and purple or white and gold. Very royal. Looks great marbled!

Longtime readers will know that I love me some sculpey jewelry. It's so versatile, light, and easy to work with. That's why its one of my favorite supplies. I liked this month's box for those reasons even if I didn't get to learn a new skill like I like.

Now if I've made you want to try Whimseybox, you can sign up here and receive $5 off your first box (Trust me, you won't regret it!). If you want to try your hand at polymer clay jewelry you can find the links below to purchase the kits or the supplies from the Whimseybox shop.

 This is an affiliate post, I was not compensated for writing this post. However if you make any purchases after clicking on the supply links I will be compensated. Thank you if you do, I'm not asking you too if you don't want to. :)

Til Next Time!

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  1. I'm surprised at how much I like how your necklace came out, because I'm usually not a fan of Sculpey jewelry myself, but it looks very gem-like and pretty. :)