Monday, August 18, 2014

Touring Through Blogland!

Hey everyone! Today I have been asked to participate in the Tour through Blogland. I've seen a few of these posts from blogs I follow throughout the summer but I was surprised and thrilled when Havalah from Sisters, What! asked me to join up. 

So let me say thanks once again to Havalah who shares a blog with her three sisters, hence the name. She is super sweet and quite talented. Their blog has a little bit of everything but my favorites are the refashions/DIY clothing posts and the nerdy stuff! (but who does that really surprise?)

For those of you new here, Hi! My name is RaChil and I am the crafty mind behind The Cwafty Blog. I'm a 20 year old cat lady in training, book worm, nerd extraordinaire, full time student (tomorrow!), part time retail drone, and part time professional blogger. I live with three of my best friends (and our three cats) in a small two bedroom apartment. My life is a crazy compendium of glitter, books, cats, coffee, hair dye, long nights, and bright colors, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

For the rest of the tour read below!

I was encouraged to be creative from a young age by my artist mother and I just kind of picked up the creativity baton and ran with it. I started an etsy shop in the summer before my senior year, Cwafty Creations, and that's how the Cwafty brand started.

1) What am I working on?

Currently for the blog, I am working on some Halloween tutorials sprinkled in with some easy and fun jewelry tutorials. Since I'm already clearly in the Halloween spirit I've also already decided on my costume and really want to throw a party, like really really. For my shop; I've got a convention I'm hoping to go and sell at in December (which I also need a costume for) so I'm working on building up a supply and choosing/calculating my inventory around my current orders. I've also got a big office revamp on my mind a lot and am planning and saving up for it. 

2) How does my work differ from others from its genre?

Most(but not all) blogs like to have one or two things that they focus on. I can understand that because it simplifies things that way, but I can never do things the simple way. My life goal is to be able make anything. I do a little wood working, sewing, crochet, knitting,  designing, paper crafting, jewelry making, drawing, painting, sculpting, leather working, a little bit of everything really. I've never met a craft I didn't like and I collect skills like some people collect stamps. I've learned so much already in my 15ish years of crafting and I know I have an exciting future ahead where someday I'll be glass blowing, metal working, building furniture and things I can't even imagine right now.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Creating has been a part of my whole life. My mom is an artist and helped me foster my creativity from a very early age. Thankfully I can say I've only improved over the years. I am always busy with some project or other(and I'm a bit of a show off) so it really only made sense when I found out about craft blogs/blogging in general that I fell completely head over heels in love with the idea of sharing all those projects with like minded folks. When I decided to not go back for my sophomore year of college last year to save up for an apartment (hey, look where I am, goal achieved!) this blog became my pet project. I had to have something to do besides work and just craft aimlessly. This blog gave me direction and a great creative outlet. It still amazes me to this day, almost a year after my first post, that people take the time to read what I write or look at my projects and think "I wanna make that!". Blogging has been surprisingly fulfilling.

4) How does your writing/creating process work?

  I have recently been doing what I like to refer to as binge crafting sessions. I get 3-4 projects going and finished in 2-3 days. Take the next 5-6 days to do all the photo editing and writing and schedule them. Then when those are all done I work on the miscellaneous other posts I do such as my whimseybox reviews, art adventure times, style posts, etc and let my mind recharge to think of new projects. Repeating this cycle every week and a half or so seems to be keeping me ahead, which is my goal since I'm going back to school tomorrow!

Now I got to pick three bloggers to participate in the tour and they will show your around their spaces next Monday August 25th. The fabulous creatives are: 
  1. Kate from Clover and Dot
    Clover and Dot literally took my breath away when I read my first post, this girl has blogging down pat (I was amazed at how new her blog was for her skill level, before I found out it was her second.) Kate is a 15 year old aspiring graphic artist whose clean simplistic crafting style fascinates a (sometimes) complicated crafter like me. (Remember I can never do anything the simple way) 
  2. Carly and Silkworm from Zauberbear
    I've talked about Zauberbear and its authors, Carly and Silkworm, before on this blog. Carly has made me believe in magic again, and her blog is one of the best places on the internet in my opinion. She posts tutorials, games, advice, stories, and much more. If you want to improve your life, she's the girl to go to. Not to mention she's one of the most intelligent and fanciful people I know.
  3. Mary from We Can Make Anything
    We Can Make Anything is run by a lass after my own heart since my life goal is the name of her blog. Mary and I were both new at this blogging thing when we "met" and I've gotten a few good tips from her and hope I've returned the favor. If you're a fellow aspiring Jack of All Trades, make sure to check out her blog for some great unique tutorials you won't find other places. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me today and if you want to know more feel free to email me or comment below. Also go check out the awesome ladies I suggested, 'cause your life can really only improve from reading their blogs.

 Til Next Time!


  1. Thanks so much, RaChil!! <3 I'll have my post up soon. :) Oh and I love seeing others' craft spaces... all that colorful yarn makes me happy.

  2. I can't wait to see your costume and your revamped office space : )