Thursday, January 15, 2015

Art Adventure Time: #5 Spring Back

Today's Adventure is brought to you by forgetfulness! I was cleaning out and generally organizing my computer files the other day and I found a whole cache of photos from a spring adventure I had taken with Venture to the arboretum.
I got to go back and visit my favorite dragon statue in Wilmington, Gideon! His enclosure was in full bloom as was the rest of the acreage, and boy was it beautiful! Come take a little trip back in time with me to a warm spring day- isn't that the prefect cure for these freezing temperatures?

I was really excited by how pretty everything is here in spring so I really didn't focus on much but exploring and taking pictures, so this is mostly a photo-dump with some commentary.

Ombre! How cool that this trend has transcended fashion and hair and reached landscaping!

What is this flower?! I couldn't find the sign for it and it legitimately looks like an alien, does anyone know?

This is the "Kid's Mansion" but I like to think of it as the white rabbit's little cottage.

Venture would have moved in if I'd let him. It had everything he could ever want or need:
Windowsill garden: check!

Animal friends: check!

Beautiful view: check!

Full sized garden: check!

One of my favorite shots, maybe ever and I totally flashed a guy doing yardwork while trying to get it...whoops! But it was worth it. (P.S. Don't lay spread eagle on your back with your legs askew in a skirt/dress)

These cherry blossoms were in full bloom and smelled amazing!

This is literally my face when I just heard a giant car crash, when we were leaving we saw them hauling away all the wreckage.

Venture says he loves this place because people seemed to consider him when adding the various architectural aspects.

This table full of succulents made me jealous! (Fun Fact: I am a bad plant mommy and my babies recently perished in the last few nights of freezing temperatures)

I can still totally see you in those coneflowers V! But nice attempt at camouflage, the hat really blends in.

Somehow I'm still finding awesome things here! Look at this frog, he is more peaceful than I could ever achieve.

At the gift shop I found this amazing watercolor painting of Gideon. It makes me want to go back again, now with my watercolor kit! Who would love a postcard with Gideon painted on it? (No seriously, anyone? comment below)

I've realized that my A.A.T's have not really had much art journaling or any art really since the first. That's something I'm going to be working on this year definitely. When I get my liscence I'll be able to take as many adventures, as many places for as long as I want!

Til Next Time!

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  1. That alien flower is pretty amazing, I wish I knew what it was!

    Also, I'm always up for getting things in the mail, so if your postcards need a home.. :)