Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Leather Headband 2 Ways

Here's a confession for ya: for as much of a tomboy as I was in high school I had a guilty pleasure of trashy girly books. For example the Gossip Girl Series. I read them all and then watched the show religiously until the end of season 3. I was head over hills in love with Chuck Bass and all the outfits in the show coupled with Jenny's desire to be a fashion designer probably contributed to my late-blooming fashion appreciation.

Blair, one of the main females, had a kick-butt collection of headbands and was totally who I was channeling when I came up with this final tutorial for my leather from EndlessLeather. If you want to add a simple sophisticated headband to your arsenal read more below!


  1. Flat Leather Cord (With Bow) (Without Bow)
  2. Thin Metal Headband
  3. Scissors
  4. E6000
  5. Clothespins

Step 1: Cut your leather cord to the proper length it needs to be to go completely around the band.

Step 2: Apply a short thin line of E600 down the side of your band,  press your leather cord onto the band.

Pin your cord in place as you go.

Let dry according to E6000 instructions.

Looking blue-tiful so far, lets continue! Or not, your choice, you can leave your headband simple and sleek like this or your can make it a little more feminine with the steps below. You'll also find the finale shots for both styles so you really should read to the bottom anyway! ;)

Step 3: Cut about 6 in's of cord.

Step 4: Apply a small dot of glue to both ends of the 6 in. piece of leather.

Bring the ends together and make a circle, then press down in the middle of the circle so that a bow shape is formed. Pin and let dry for an hour or two.

Step 5: Then apply a small dot of glue to the section of the headband where you want the bow and pin. Let dry the full drying time.

Either one of these styles would add a nice touch to a first day of school outfit. Plus it would keep your hair out of your eyes to let you see that whiteboard better.

I think I prefer the plain one, but sometimes I feel like wearing something a little more fancy, so I'm glad I made both!

This is my last in a group of tutorials sponsored by EndlessLeather. You can can check out the wrap bracelet here, or the watchband here. If you want a great selection of beautifully colored, inspiring leathers they are your go to guys!

This is an affiliate post, I was compensated with free supplies for this tutorial in return for sharing my honest opinion about the product. I am not compensated if you purchase anything from any of the links provided. 

Til Next Time!

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