Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Talk About It Tuesday: The Venture Bros. Appreciation

 I will forever be a kid at heart, part of this aspect of my personality involves a love of cartoons. My absolute favorite cartoon ever is a show called The Venture Bros. It's a cartoon that airs on adult swim and I'm going to do my best to explain my love for this modern masterpiece plus show off some of Venture Bro's stuff; handmade or otherwise.

Go team Venture!

The Venture Brothers is like if Johnny Quest was more modern, sassy, and dark. It stars Dr. Venture, Hank and Dean Venture as well as an ensemble of crazy characters that are a result of the outrageous lifestyle shown in old adventure cartoons. Where do super-villians hang their helmets at night? What are the consequences of choosing super-scientist as a career; does that have a healthcare package? What about those villains?! Do they get dental? The show will answer questions along those lines and make you laugh with it's witty scripts. I really couldn't recommend a show more.

This was actually a present for the guy pictured above, he's the friend that introduced our whole group of friends to the show. We even had viewing parties in high school and fit 8-10 of us into his room to crowd around his TV and share this wonderful experience.

A side by side comparison, the original was painted by one of the creators of the show, Doc Hammer. He paints legitimately and I hope that my imitation wouldn't offend him. Look at the really small left hand eye...I'm still super proud of this thing though!

I remember drawing this on winter break during my sophomore year. I had re-watched season 2 for the 2nd or 3rd time and I felt really inspired. These are the titular Venture brothers, Hank (blond), Dean (brunette).

The main antagonist is a super-villain named The Monarch, he has a butterfly theme as you can see below. He also has a wonderfully wacky voice.

Since the show is a bit of a throwback all of their packaging is deliciously retro. I keep much of it, as you can see. I love the "pop-art"-esque design and bright colors.

I sculpted this bust of one of the characters out of Crayola Model Magic.It surprised me how much it actually looked like the robot, HELPeR.

When the last season of the show came out they released a special limited edition shirt every week with the new episode; you could buy them weekly or get them all for an exorbitant price. I was saving for my apartment at the time and couldn't allow myself to get the whole T-Shirt Club but I did get this one!

My room mate got this shirt and because we had the same address (I guess that was the reason?) they accidentally sent him one in my size and then had to send him a new one. Since I was the only person in the house who it fit, I got to keep it!

 I bought those sheets for Christmas for myself! They are the most wonderful thing in the world to sleep on! You can still get a few of the limited edition sheet set here.There is supposed to be a special coming out on the 19th, their first movie, but the show is notorious for having problems meeting it's schedule. I really hope we get some content soon! I'm dying without my Venture fix.

Til Next Time!

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