Monday, September 9, 2013

Cwafty Update #1

So I have decided after about five months of my shop being closed that I was finally at a point in my life where I could reopen. I've finally got this blog started, which has been my dream for almost 2 years. I'm not in school right now, so I don't have to worry about projects and orders contending. I'm basically trying to make a new start with my business.

 I've been working on getting all my ducks in a row on all fronts associated with Cwafty Creations, taking pictures, making headings, writing descriptions, etc.

Which brings me to the new header! Isn't it cute? It has a really nice handmade look to it! I think I might start hand-making all my headers. I don't know if you guys saw my original header, but do you like this one? If you did see the other one, is this one better? I'd love any feedback as my blog is still wobbling uncertainly on its little Bambi-like legs.

Anyway the re-opening date for my shop is September 20th and I hope you guys check it out! I am going to have a bunch of new products and it's a perfect time to start thinking about Christmas presents!

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