Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Year of Art Journaling

Sorry for the late post, work has been kicking my butt lately.

During my childhood I had always been one of those people who collected numerous cute journals and diaries and notebooks with the intent to use them to chronicle my every idea, thought, and feeling. I could never keep up with it though.

When I got into high school I learned about Art Journaling but had no idea where to start and got caught up with school and friends and life so I forgot about it and once again never got around to it.


That lasted all the way until senior year when I tried my hand at altering books and decided to go ahead and try. Luckily my A.P Literature teacher made our final assignment in our last three weeks of senior year an art journal. It was the perfect chance to experiment.

Once I was done with the class I purchased a nice journal and some watercolor pencils with my graduation money but once again got sidetracked the whole summer and didn't start until I started college. On October 10th I made my first entry and I kept up with it semi-regularly until June of this year. Now I'm maybe a 5th of the way through my second one.  I just wanted to share some of my favorite pages on my blog and hope maybe they could inspire others!

A collage to the day I got my kitten.

This time last year: For only my second full body figures drawn, not bad.

A mini collage I assigned myself with the prompt "Inspiration"

Inspired by my recent Dsi purchase so I could play the Adventure Time game.

The first Presidential election I could vote in was in the first year I was eligible to vote and I was super excited.

I love me some crazy characters. Throw a psychopath or a mentally questionable character into a show/movie/book I will be all over that. This is an ongoing college, need to add Walter White and a few others.

A quote from Alice in Wonderland that has stayed with me since I was very young.

Donnie Darko is one of my all time favorite movies. It's inspired a lot of my work. 

Cover Page of my newest Journal. I love the color scheme, its not something I would usually work with.
This page pretty much speaks for itself.
Once a month, I rule the lemon kingdom. Also the page that marks where my love of Lorde began!

I hope you enjoyed the pages! I'll probably do this once a year, or whenever I finish a journal.

Til Next Time,



  1. Beautiful pages ^_^ You've inspired me to start one ^_^

    1. :D Thanks lulu! I'm glad my work inspired you! I'd love to see any of your pages and you can always come to me with questions!