Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Bloody Ax Necklace

I'm back! A little refreshed, but also with some new stress. Alas so is life, oh well, we persevere!

Anyway, today is a quick tutorial for a necklace that takes about 5-10 minutes. I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and had to be bodily dragged away from the Fairy Tale brand jewelry section. I loved pretty much everything there. I'm also not being paid to say that or anything.  I ended up leaving with only four or five items, so I did well.

I picked up this beauty and knew I had to give it a makeover to make it the perfect halloween accessory.
Here is a link to whats available from the collection online if you wanna check it out.


  1. Ax Charm (Mine is from Fairy Tale)
  2. Embossing Fluid Pen
  3. Red Embossing Powder
  4. A Heat Tool
  5. A necklace chain
    Not Pictured:
  6. A small paintbrush
  7. A ceramic tile, or a cooking pan (something that can be touched with hot metal)
Step 1: Draw your blood splatter design on your ax with the embossing fluid.

The fluid is transparent so you sort of have to trust what you drew or look at it closely under a light to see the slight wet sheen. Don't stress though, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2: Pour your embossing powder onto your ax head quickly, so the fluid doesn't dry.
See how the powder is mostly concentrated on the tip? That is where we want it, but its also scattered loosely all over the blade so we are going to lightly brush it off with the paintbrush, you can also fix any minor mistakes in your design this way.

Step 3: Place your ax charm on the heat safe work space you have acquired and follow the instructions for your embossing powder.

Now give the metal 5-10 minutes to cool down as it is going to be extremely hot. Be smart, don't touch the hot metal. You can chose to do both sides, like I did or leave it half and half. When it's cool you can slide the charm onto your chain and wear you creepy accessory with pride.

Heeeeeres Johnny!

We can be friends if you got the reference! I will probably just wear this necklace year round because of my love of the horror genre in general and to keep my favorite holiday on my mind.

I never even thought about embossing metal before today. I didn't want to have to paint my blood splatters on, I knew they wouldn't stay and they would look weird. This opens up lots of new possibilities when it comes to adding a touch of color to metal.

How's your October going? What are you doing to get into the holiday spirit?

See ya Thursday!



  1. LOVE it! Moreso as soon as you said "here's Johnny"..! That took this to fantastic level.
    Sadly there's no Hobby lobby here, but I love the inspiration. <3

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorite scary movies :)
      Our Hobby Lobby has only been open for a month or two, I was so excited to get it!!!