Thursday, March 12, 2015

School Art Check In #1

One of my favorite collages from my 2D Design class

Whoo hoo! I am officially half way done with my school semester! (Spring break is still so far away though! C'mon April!) I thought today I would take the opportunity to show you what Ive been working on in my 2D and 3D design classes.

We explored asymmetry, line, and shape in our first assignment which was to make 5 collages using squares, triangles, and circles. They all had to be black and white, except for two, one with greyscale and the last had no rules. Here are the results!

A few of my classmates told me this one looks like shattered stained glass and it made my day. This is another favorite.

For our first day warm up exercise in 3D design we were each given set of adjectives that we had to create a small wire sculpture to embody. The three words I got were horizontal, curvilinear and broad.

The side view is necessary to get the "broad" aspect.

Peeps from class, working on our first actual 3D assignment. Art classes are so much fun because you get to help and influence people and they do the same in return for you, I'd really missed this sort of environment.

This was my finished project. It was based off of a quick sketch, which the kid in the middle of the picture above actually was the model for.

A few arty shots of the curves, the lines in this are fascinating to me.

We just finished up our second project in 2D and our third in 3D so you can expect another update soon!

Til Next Time!

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