Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wreck This Journal: Part #1

I've fallen back out of the habit of art journaling again (we have a history of on-again-off-again relationships). I decided I missed it so I picked up a copy of "Wreck This Journal" by Kerri Smith to try to get back in the habit/play around with different methods.
I've been working in this journal since November and do a page whenever inspiration strikes. If you follow me on instagram, I post pictures of the pages whenever I finish a good one. I'd say I have 1/5 of the pages done and I wanted to share some of my favorites so far with you below.

Random is a pattern.

I did my best to create a portrait of the object I used to scratch this image with.

This page was really fun. I love Cotton candy flavored and scented items so I knew immediately what smell I wanted to infuse into this page. I incorporated bits of cotton balls into the candy part of the painting that were then sprayed with cotton candy body spray.

Personally I see two goldfish and maybe a lobster/crustacean in the center. What about you?

This is Nail Bunny, he's a character in one of my favorite comics, I was very happy with how this "ugly" drawing turned out

It's been great to get back into making art in book form, there's just something so pleasing in that general activity. I also enjoy the "Wreck this Journal" because it's great for beginner art journalers or even remedial ones, like me, because the prompts are great at opening up your mind to creative thought.

Have you tried any of Kerri Smith's books, this one or otherwise? What did you think?

Til Next Time!

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