Saturday, April 18, 2015

Style Saturday: Purple Haze

Style Saturday's have mostly been outfit themed so far but I want branch out a little bit. Today we're going to talk about the only other beauty aspect I enjoy besides clothes, since I don't wear makeup; I love coloring my hair.

I lost my "dye-ginity" when I was 12. My best friend helped me change my super long, super plain brown hair for the first time since I had tried to cut my own bangs when I was 5 or 6. I was one of those children who was born with features that changed when I grew; I was born with blue eyes and red hair but they both settled on brown about a year or so in. I remember being so confused as a kid looking at my baby pictures and thinking, 'That clearly isn't me." I wanted to see what I would have looked like if my hair had stayed so I chose a warm auburn. I loved it and have been a dye-hard ever since.

My hair has mostly only spanned the natural spectrum of colors due to parental restrictions on fun hues (except for Little Mermaid Red for some reason). When I first moved out of my house when I turned 18, I decided to bleach my hair and go blonde in hopes of eventually transferring to purple later. Unfortunately I was coming from a redish-brown color and I could only get my hair to an odd strawberry blond. I went purple for a day or two with a temporary dye but I wasn't too happy with the result on top of the strawberry blond so I never made the big jump.

Fast forward through the next two years and I've been lazy/cheap and not cutting it at all or dying it very much....Some habits are hard to kick.

A month or so ago I couldn't handle having long hair anymore; it's such a pain! So I went back to my slightly-longer-than-chin-length-bob. It felt amazing. My head felt so much lighter and suddenly I got the "itch". With so much of it gone it would be a lot easier to try for purple again, and I succeeded!

I bleached my hair an unnatural amount...4 bleach sessions in 36ish hours. I know I know. Beauticians everywhere are sobbing at my ignorance. I'm sorry. After I finally got it to an acceptable blonde I used Manic Panic's Purple Haze and left it on over night. I'm head over heels with the results!

Dress: Old Navy // Tights: Merona // Boots: Steve Madden // Scarf: Fashion Tidbits

Would you make your hair your favorite color? How about just a streak? Its so much fun! I've gotten loads of compliments from strangers, a man in a business suit stopped to have his picture taken with me, and it just makes regular days seem more exciting!

Til Next Time!

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