Thursday, April 16, 2015

Venture Visits #4: Lyssa from Playing the Music of Life

When we last checked in with Venture he had just been on a huge trip and got 3 more states under his belt!  It makes me smile every time I open an email with "Venture" in the tagline and I get to see all the new pictures of his latest adventures. I can't believe he's already gotten as far as he has and I hope one day Venture will have visited every state in the union!

I'm now going to pass the pen over to my pal Alyss, who writes at Playing the Music of Life so she can share her experience with Venture. As always we are still looking for hosts for Venture. If you're interested please read more and contact me. Read below to see how our gnome buddy spent his time in St. Louie.

When Venture arrived, it was in the middle of winter, and we were in hibernation mode. My two year old daughter, Harmony, found him fascinating! I quickly taught her that Venture liked to watch her play, not necessarily be played with ;-) She loved to put him on the couch so they could read together, and she would often bring me a toy asking, "I show this to Venture?" It was pretty cute!

Our outdoor activities were fairly limited this season. Instead we took several fun trips to St. Louis places such as the Science Museum, where we could explore what our awesome city has to offer indoors! Venture came with us for his own exciting photo shoots, as you can see.

Venture also spent a lot of time listening to music in our home and at the classical guitar studio where I teach. He must be well acquainted with the sound of the guitar by this point! My young students were curious about who he was, and were excited to find out that they were meeting a gnome

Looking back, I wish that I had taken time to quickly snap a picture of Venture painting with us (while I had to tell Harmony that Venture didn't need any paint to compliment his already colorful clothes), a picture of Venture out in our yard on one of the beautifully warm days that St. Louis sometimes surprises us with as spring approaches, or a picture of us entertaining Venture with Harmony's extensive My Little Pony collection, or a picture of Venture at our local library. Sometimes I am just not thinking about grabbing my camera, just living in the moment! But I'm so glad that Venture had a chance to have some peaceful family time with us :-) We loved hosting him!

**Venture sent me another postcard! I never thought I'd be getting postcards from a gnome!**

As a final adventure to round off his St. Louis trip, we took Venture to the famous St. Louis Arch. It was only a few days away from spring, the sun was shining, and of course there were crowds of people all excited to see the landmark! We had a great time, especially Harmony, as she ran around the large grassy area that is underneath the Arch. Usually there is a historical museum open to the public underground on the Arch property, but there was a lot of construction today, so we were content to play underneath the Arch itself.

Happy travels, Venture! Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Gateway to the West!

Venture certainly seems to have had a lot of fun with Alyssa and her family! Next month Venture is visiting Louisana!

(Map Update Coming Soon)

Til Next Time!

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