Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whimseybox Review: Learn Calligraphy + Printable Quote + A $5 coupon

**This company is no longer in business**
This box was a little late due to some clerical errors made because I went from being just a customer to a blogger associated with Whimseybox, but I finally got it! They have great customer service though so it was no problem!

Before we even get started, let me tell you guys Whimseybox gets a 10/10 for this box with me! Definitely one of their best boxes ever I would say! Find out about whats inside the April 2014 Whimseybox below!

Today I actually waited until the appropriate day to post this review instead of interrupting a tutorial! Thrird times the charm! You can check out my other reviews here and here. Lets begin!

One of my favorite parts of Whimseybox is the moment I finally get to open the box itself! Usually I end up checking the mail right before work and it sits in the back office, mocking me with its surprise goodies until I can open it at home, for you guys!

This month's art print is from Morgan Day Cecil, if you want to learn more about this graphic artist visit her blog, or check out her shop! Her print is already on my inspiration board!

The beautiful print doubles as the instructions for the craft! If you still can't figure out the craft with the instructions, the Whimseybox blog always has helpful tips and/or videos!

Included in this months box were:
    1. India Ink
    2. Pen Holder
    3. Pen Nibs
      1. Standard
      2. Imperial
    4. Assorted Papers

I get to add another achievement pin to my purse! This is one I will wear with pride, I've wanted to learn Calligraphy since I was a little girl. I used to watch Sagwa (a pbs kids show about a family of siamese cats that write scrolls with their tails) and try to copy the elegant, graceful marks I saw them create. Chinese calligraphy is a bit different than English calligraphy, but the matter of pressure and form seems important for both.

Here's what you need to begin calligraphy-ing! What is the continuous tense of calligraphy?  Actually whats the infinitive? To Calligraph? Sorry,  the english nerd in me is suddenly baffled by this word.

Here are the main supplies. I had fun playing with the nibs and watching them open when pressure is applied. I didn't understand the mechanics of calligraphy pen nibs before. Also a good tip is to be careful every single time you open you container of india ink, it will splatter.

The alphabet sheet was double sided and gives examples of all capital and lowercase letters. There was also a light practice paper and a thicker card-stock for your final attempts.

There was also a double sided page with two example quotes, and a few double sided pieces of lined paper to help improve the form and flow of your letters. I found the lined paper very helpful!

Sooty was cuddling up with my box when I left it on the bed, waiting to have his picture snapped! He's been approving more and more of my projects lately, I should've known he'd get a big head after I had him model for my Cat Bed DIY.

This skill was  a bit of  a challenge for me because I have awful penmanship. My teachers sighed amd just did their best trying to decode my papers and worksheets. After finally having a "omg-posture-does-really-help" break through during a practice session, I finally got the hang of it! It took a bunch of practice pages though, as you can see!

This was my final project, I made a copy of it so you guys could make your own print!

Here is what I ended up doing with the original. I used watercolors, mod podge and navy blue glitter to make myself a nice print for my office wall!
A quote I shall aspire to live by.
 Now if I've made you want to try Whimseybox, you can sign up here and receive $5 off your first box (Trust me, you won't regret it!). If you want to try your hand at calligraphy you can find the links below to purchase the kits or the supplies from the Whimseybox shop.

Also today. the 15th, is the last day you can sign up for this month (May's) box! If you sign up after today, your first box will be received at the end of next month (June)

This is an affiliate post, I was not compensated for writing this post. However if you make any purchases after clicking on the supply links I will be compensated. Thank you if you do, I'm not asking you too if you don't want to. :)

After this homerun, I am looking super forward to May's box. I even impressed my room mate, Vickie with my project and got her to sign up for Whimseybox too! We're going to have a craft night when they arrive, I can't wait! :D

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  1. Your work looks awesome! You make it look so easy to do (even in your practice sheets).

  2. Ok, I'm not the most artistic girl in the world, but this looks FUN!

    1. It is Kristin! If you love spirals and swirls and flourishes, it would be a great way to try your hand at being a little more crafty :)

  3. I love what you did! I've been working on calligraphy since I was a little girl.

    1. Thank you Kathy! I bet your work is wonderful, it really seems like a skill where practice makes perfect :)

  4. Replies
    1. It is! The ink stained fingertips were well worth it

  5. so cool- I've been wanting to learn calligraphy!

    1. Its not too hard! I would say give it a try! :)

  6. That looks so fun! This is the first I've heard of them; I'll have to check them out.

    1. Let me know if you do and how you like them! They're also great to work with as a blogger, if you do any diy and crafts :)