Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY Gift Wrap with Darby Smart

Wow, after months of little-to-no activity, two posts in two days? Christmas break has me on a roll ladies and gentlemen! Today I have a little collaboration between Gap/Darby Smart and it's designers. Darby Smart teamed up with Gap to create this DIY Gift Wrap kit. As a designer I was given one and told to get creative to inspire others. Can do!

Here's what comes in the kit! You can order them from Darby Smart or get them free at Gap with a $50+ purchase (I think it varies by location though, so don't hold me to that).

Here's what I used to make my paper!
  • Kraft Paper
  • Gold Sharpie
  • Silver Marker

Step 1: Use your gold sharpie to begin to doodle a long curvy, squiggly line.

Step 2: Draw lots of little rectangles coming off the squiggly line, alternating inward and outward facing rectangles.

Step 3: Use your silver marker included in the kit to draw Christmas bulb shapes (a pointy, almond-ish shape) coming out of the rectangles. My sizes varied but it's hand drawn, who's gonna complain?

Continue until your whole paper is full!

Then wrap with it! I decorated one of the wooden tags to match my theme.

After making the tag I fell in love with the idea of the glittery bulb so I made 2 for the ends of my bow and emphasized a few bulbs on the front of the package.

Hope that helps if you need some last-minute wrapping ideas! I've been obsessed with Christmas lights this season, so of course I incorporated them into my presents as well.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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