Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Studded Sweater Collar

I had a great birthday weekend!  But I'm going to do a post about that later. Today I combined two things that are big in the DIY community. Studding things, and adding collars to tops!

 Neither of which I have tried before, but have wanted to give a shot. I'm all about killing two birds with one stone.

Oh before I forget! I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway! The winner has claimed her prize and it left on its way to her today. There will definitely be more to come, and if you guys have any ideas for stuff you would like to see given away let me know!


  1. A Sweater
  2. Studs
  3. Needle nose Pliers
Step 1: Place your stud prongs down into your sweater where you would like it, then using your finger to keep it in place, flip to the inside of the sweater and use your pliers to fold the prongs into the stud. Make sure the prong is secure before continuing.

Red Points are the prongs

Prongs after they've been pushed in

That's pretty much all the instruction you need for this project, now I'm just going to show you how I did my particular pattern.

And with that last stud for each side you are done!

I grabbed this sweater from Goodwill for $5 during an out of character shopping spree on my birthday and I just knew it was perfectly DIY-able. I feel like I need to stud more stuff now though...and definitely more knitted things. I can see why that's popular.

Part of the reason I had such a great birthday weekend was because I got really blog-inspired and got a lot of posts ready/in the works so this week there will be 3 posts to make up for my recent slacking/failures. I'm excited, I hope you guys like what I have in store!

What do you guys do to celebrate your birthday? I don't normally do anything but this year I tried to make the most of my two days off work and packed in a  lot of fun. :)

Til Next Time,


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  1. I love that you placed the studs to look like a collar. Your sweater came out so well! Happy belated birthday, too :)

  2. Thanks Allison :) I was very pleased with it. I love adding a nice DIY touch to my outfits.

  3. What a great DIY! Love the look of studs this season! Where did you get your studs from? I'm having a hard time finding some.

    1. Thank you! Me too, I plan on studding a lot more, I just need to be careful and not go overboard! Mine were a brand called Studded which I found in Joann's in their "fashion section." The aisle with fabric paint, dye, tie dye, and blank T-shirts. :) If you can't find anything around, online is always good for rare supplies