Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cwafty Update #3

Let me start off by saying I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I know I had a good one, even if it was a day late. I also hope none of you were harmed in a freak Black Friday accident!

Its been a while since I've done one of these! But this one is a biggie, you guys need to know quite a bit!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am apartment hunting. More importantly I am hunting for my very first apartment meaning this is a bit of an ordeal because it's all one hundred percent new to me. I've been doing research for a while now because I knew even when I moved into my current place that it was a very temporary stop on the way to this milestone.

Knowing that I still unpacked all my stuff, made my self at home, and accumulated so much new stuff somehow! Contrastingly, I also don't have enough stuff, because I am going to have partially furnish a whole house along with two other young adults with little furniture/adult belongings. This means I have a lot of packing, sorting, organizing, tossing, thrifting, and shopping around to do.

 This milestone is rabidly approaching: December 31! So exactly a month and a day from today I will be moving my final boxes into my first place that is really mine/two of my friends'.

Due to this close deadline I probably am not going to have very much time for tutorials or normally timed posts this December. I am not going to completely leave you guys though! I already had a tutorial started and will most probably finish it at some point because its about 58% there.  I also had a collaboration planned with a friend of mine who is coming home for Christmas break, so there will be that at some point.

I also plan on posting some tips about packing, organizing and getting rid of stuff you don't need any more. So there will be some new content, probably a post a week if that. Any free time when I'm not working or doing work related things I'm gonna be planning the future of this blog and my business, which unfortunately won't be open for Christmas, but maybe when I get settled.

I also wanted to talk about how The Cwafty blog is going. The answer is pretty well! I'm making crafty internet friends and really love getting to share my projects with so many people! My first giveaway was super fun and successful, and I hate to slow down the production here when things seem to be picking up, but sometimes real life stuff has to come first. I plan on being like the sith and coming back with a vengeance come January! Watch for me!

Til Next Time,


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