Thursday, April 10, 2014

I got nominated for a Liebster Award!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award, by two three lovely ladies!
- Juli from Just Pepperminty
- Janice from Nearly Handmade
- Kathy from Up To Date Interiors
Thanks girls! It was so nice of you to nominate me! For those of you who don't know what the Liebster Award is, its passed around new blogs to help bloggers get to know each other and make blog buddies. :) Yay! I also have to go find 11 new blogs of my own to nominate!

My Facts:

  1. My name has a capital letter in the middle, and it always throws everyone off, but its RaChil just pronounced all regular like Rachel.
  2.  I cannot keep plants alive, even succulents. The only plant I haven't managed to kill is one of my cacti. 
  3. I took drama for both semesters 3/4 years of high school and I met the best people/friends ever there. I live with two of them currently and still keep in touch with the rest.
  4. I love food. Some of my favorites include: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Muffins, Bananas, Pizza, Bacon, and Chicken. (Know whats good on Pizza? Bacon and Chicken)
  5. I am a horrible procrastinator sometimes. I was the master of putting off assignments and then doing it all the night before it was due in an awe-some, caffeine-fueled, all-nighter in high school. 
  6. The first chapter book I ever read was Harry Potter in Kindergarten. I haven't stopped devouring books since. 
  7. I have a massive craft stash hoard. Yarn, buttons, paint, fabric, paper, glue, tape, you name it I probably have it. Its one of my goals this year to try to get through some of it so when I buy more I'm not drowning in supplies.
  8. Its my life goal to learn how to make anything. I want to be able to create all my own clothes, furniture, decorations, jewelery, etc. 
  9. It is one of my most hopeful blog dreams to do a big office/workshop transformation.
  10. I currently live with 3 of my best friends in an awesome apartment.

Just Pepperminty's Questions:

1. What is your favorite type of music to listen to?
I like rock/alternative I guess would be the best description. My favorite band is Rise Against.
2. Who inspires you? (celebrity, family member, friend etc.)
-Twinkie Chan
-Allison from Dream a Little Bigger
-All of my friends 
3. Favorite thing to blog about?

Crafts or anything artistic
4. What do you like to do to cheer yourself- or friends who are going through a rough time- up?

I like to sing when I'm feeling pretty much any emotion, but of course certain songs go better with certain feelings. Fun fact: I am really bad at cheering people up.
5. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
Alice in Wonderland (the animated one)
6. What are your favorite books and things to obsess over?

Currently: (Constantly changing)
-Morganville Vampires
-Daughter of Smoke and Bone
7. Real or fiction?

Fiction, but sometimes the real stuff can be stranger so its a hard choice.
8. If you could hop into your favorite place in a book, movie, or tv show,(Hogwarts, Narnia, Camp Half Blood, the Tardis, etc.) what places would you choose?

The Shire, Hogwarts, Camp-Halfblood, Wonderland, Ooo, Westros...well maybe not there. But far too many to count or name!
9. What's something in your room right now that you couldn't live without?

My computer! I recently upgraded from a laptop to a desktop and I use it for everything important that I do.
10. If you could meet anyone in the world,from any time frame, who would you chose?

I'm not sure about this one, maybe Thomas Edison, I like his creativity. 

Nearly Handmade's Questions:

1. What's your favorite food?
Mmmmm Steak
2. What word makes you cringe?
3. How many brothers & sisters do you have?
2 half brothers, and a half sister, and a long lost half brother I never knew about until 2 years ago
4. What's your all time favorite movie?
Ugh I can't choose just one! Either Donnie Darko, or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
5. If you could furnish your entire house for free what catalog/store/website would you choose?
A mixture of Ikea, Modcloth and World Market and Hobby Lobby
6. How do you stay creative?
I was encouraged to be very creative growing up and I grew up with an artist for a mother and carpenter for a father. I just got into the habit and it never went away really. I started a business due to peoples requests that I sell the awesome things I made and that led eventually to me starting this blog
7. When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?  Did you do it?
A Veterinarian, and no I didn't. I decided that dream was probably lost when my dog puked on the floor and I couldn't handle it. I'm not really grown up yet though!
8. What book(s) would you recommend that I read?
Hmmm I'll give you a good mix! The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Adam Douglas, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Pretty much all her books rock), Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor, and Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Leviathan.
9. What is one skill or hobby you've always wanted to learn?
Glass blowing or working!
10. Do you speak any other languages?
11. Do you have any collections?
I collect dragon statues/figures, and I collected pokemon stuff when I was younger (I still have most of it.)


Up To Date Interiors Questions:

1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Start a pot of coffee! 
2. Do you have any quirky talents?

3. What inspired you to start a blog?
I'm a bit of a show off, I love when people see the things I've made and like them. The internet is a pretty big audience.
4. What is your favorite hobby (outside of blogging)?
5.  Do you have any pets?
My house has 3 cats :)
  • Marbles (Mine)
  • Sooty
  • Luna
6.  How many places have you lived?
Oh hmmm, too many to count. I was born in Boulder, Colorado. From there I went to (in no particular order) California, Michigan, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida and some places I can't remember. This was all when I was a baby. I split growing up between Texas and North Carolina, with me being finally deposited in the latter. I don't really love it here and plan on heading west as soon as I can.
7.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'd like to have graduated from college and be working in a field I don't hate during the day and still exploring my creative avenues at night. Preferably in Washington or California.
8.  If you could have any car, what would it be?
Bright Purple Truck, perfect for holding roadside items with potential, or hauling shop merchandise to conventions
9.  What is your favorite meal?
Medium rare steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mac and cheese.
10.  Make up or all natural?
All Natural, I have never really worn it except for a few forced special occasions. 
11. What is your favorite color combination?
Purple and Green, like Marie from Breaking Bad

Finally! My nominations! (A work in Progress)

All of these blogs are guaranteed by me to be 100% awesome. I'm sure it would mean a lot if you checked them out and found as much to love about them as I do!

My Questions!

  1. Whats your favorite color combination?
  2. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet what would it be?
  3. Coffee or Tea? How do you take it?
  4. Can you do a really good fake accent? 
  5. Whats the first thing you ever remember making?
  6. What made you want to start blogging?
  7. Favorite artistic/crafty medium to work with?
  8. A movie you know word for word? (If you're not as obsessive as I am, just your favorite will work!)
  9. What do you like to do when you're not dazzling the internet with your creative genius?
  10. Whats the last show you marathoned?
I will be adding bloggers as I find more and as the nominees accept or decline!

Til Next Time,


  1. Being nominated twice = Awesome!! Congratulations! It has been so much fun getting to know you and your blog better! Looking forward to watching your blog grow! Stay in touch!

    1. Twice the awesome I would say! :D Thank you, and thank you so much for the nomination. I'm glad you found my blog and reached out! Yours as well, and don't worry, I will!

  2. Your craft hoard sounds like heaven to dig through. And I definitely feel like theatre programs in schools are fantastic ways to meet fantastic people. All the cool people are in drama clubs and classes. ^-^

    Congrats on the nominations! (And thank you so much for nominating Zauberbear!)

    1. It is glorious! If disorderly and running rampant on my lair, unfortunately. Oh my gosh! I'm glad I found a fellow thespian. No wonder you're so awesome!!

      Thanks, and no problem :3! Can't wait to see what you and Silkworm come up with!