Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Wishbone Necklace

Books are a great source or inspiration for me (read about past book projects here and here and here) and this week you may have guessed I was inspired by Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Its a mystical tale of two worlds, a girl with blue hair, her family of  monsters, teeth, love, betrayal, angels and wishes. That's where this week's DIY comes in!

First things first, have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor yet? (Or the whole series since the third and final book came out last week?)

If so, wonderful, you will fully appreciate what inspired me to create this and next week's projects!
If not, what are you waiting for!?! Go out and buy it! Download it for your e-book reader! Borrow it from a friend, or the library (a friend who just happens to be a building)! 

That's my subtle way of saying I highly recommend it.You don't need to have read the series to enjoy this tutorial though!


  1. White Sculpy
  2. Leather necklace cording
  3. White Acrylic Paint
  4. Ruler (Couldn't find one so I used a seam gauge, not bad)
  5. Piercing Tool
  6. X-acto Knife
  7. Paintbrush
    Not Pictured
  8. Aluminum foil

Step 1: Get a small ball of clay. Its ok if, like me you can't keep white clay clean, we're going to paint it. My ball is about 3/4th in.

Using your X-acto knife cut the ball of clay into two equal sections. I rolled mine back into balls.

Step 2: Roll out each of your balls into thin logs

Once it is uniform and thin(1/8th in.) cut a 3 1/2 in. section off.

Here's a picture showing both of the finished 3 1/2in. tall 1/8th in. wide logs.

Step 3: Flatten out about 1/2 an inch of each log

Connect these flat sections together. Do your best to hide the seam and make sure the pieces don't come apart.

One you've got a secure connection you can shape this section a little. You just make the top section of a wishbone.

Now flatten and round the bottoms of the ends that we have not connected together.

Step 4: Make a small curve of crumpled aluminum foil to support your wishbone while it cooks. Now pierce the steam of the wishbone and make sure its a hole wide enough for your cording.

Wishbones have an interesting curvature. I did my best to replicate it, as pictured below.

Once the bone is shaped to your satisfaction cook it according to the directions on your clay package!

Step 5: When its done baking and has had time to cool off, paint it white. I used two coats

Step 6: When the paint has had time to dry, string the wishbone on a length of cord. Ta-da! Now you have a necklace that can remind you that hope is sometimes the strongest magic. 

I tied a knot on each side of my wishbone, but you can decorate the rest of the necklace any way you'd like. I left mine plain like Karou, but maybe you'd add some scuppies or some antelope teeth?

Have you had a chance to read the third book yet? I haven't. I'm currently re-reading the second one while I wait to get my hands on a copy.

Til Next Time!


  1. Oh my gosh, it turned out so good! It really looks like a wishbone! :)

    1. Thanks Carly! I tried to pay extra special attention to detail. :D Glad you like it!