Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tutorial Wednesday: G.O.T. House Greyjoy Necklace

So do you know what happens three weeks from today?(well the day this was posted). Are you as excited as I am!?

If you haven't guessed, Game of Thrones season 4 premiers on April 6th. I love the series and have read all the books. (I had to read them all before I watched any of the show, I'm much more of a book person.) Any way, the other day I watched this little trailer/teaser from HBO and I have had dragons and lions and wolves on the mind ever since. Oh and krakens. Especially krakens, which brings me to today's tutorial.

I am pretty much a Dany for the throne fan, but I do have love for most of the houses. My favorite is House Greyjoy though. Which is unfortunate, because
SPOILER ALERT: Things aren't getting any better for Theon any time soon really.

I stilled wanted to show my House Greyjoy pride with this tutorial though!


  1.  Necklace (Mines a black chain with grey ribbon woven through it)
  2.  Kraken Charm (Mine is from Hobby Lobby, but you could make it from sculpy)
  3. 4 jumprngs
  4. 3 inches of spare chain
  5. Embroidery Needle
  6. Jewelry Pliers
  7. White Sculpy
  8. Thin Sharpie
  9. X acto Knife
    Not Pictured:
  10. Ruler or Straight Edge
  11. Something to roll out your Sculpy with

Step 1: Attach your charm to your necklace. Easiest step ever.

Step 2: Roll out a ball of clay and cut a rectangle that is about 6 inches by 1/2 an inch.

Step 3: Fold your rectangle so it resembles a scrolled message. I made sure the bulk of the scroll matched up with my charm, folded the edges back then forward again.

Cut off the ends. I cut a fish tail shape into my ends. I also kinda added some cuts around the top and bottom edges, which you can see in the next picture.

Peirce a hole  on the last section of each end of the scroll.  Make sure it lines up with which tentacles the scroll will be hanging from.

Step 4: Bake as instructed.

Step 5:  Write the Greyjoy family words "We do not sow" on the scroll. I also kinds darkened the placed I cut in step 3.

 Step 6: Add the jump rings to the connection spots.

See where you want your scroll to hang. Choose a link to attach to. 

Cut excess chain and secure all jump rings on this side.

Repeat on other side and you're all done!

Looks even better with house colors!

I can't wait to see how season four is going to go! I love that they're giving Arya more character than in the books and other plot lines may actually go places this season!

Are you excited for Game of Thrones? Whose your favorite Westros' family?

Til Next Time!

P.S. I linked here.

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