Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cwafty Update #4

A bloody T-rex I drew in the snow a few weeks ago.

 Alright guys, we have a lot to get through in this little update so let's begin!

I had something exciting happen to me a couple of weeks ago. A few of you guys, my fabulous readers checked out this post, reviewing a product from a company I've had my eye on for awhile. Apparently you liked what you saw cause you subscribed and referred me! That helped Whimseybox notice me and invite me to join their new influencer program!

What does this mean?

Well some of my tutorials are going to have a supply list that I put together to help you guys easily get the supplies to make my diy projects. If you click on these links and make a purchase I get a small percentage. I will always let you guys know if I'm going to be compensated for anything I write about here on The Cwafty Blog and I promise to always give my honest opinion about any products.

I'm also working on making friends and learning about new blogs and generally networking around the blogosphere! One of my blog goals for next month is to see if I can guest post for anyone.

Anyway, this and a post or two to catch up on the march art challenge will be all I post this week. Next week The Cwafty Blog will be back with your regularly-ish scheduled programing. Stay tuned for an "enlightening" tutorial. (That's both a pun and a clue about next weeks project, which I am super excited about.)

Anyway see you guys next week! Have a good weekend/ march end.

Til Next Time!


  1. This is super exciting news! Congratulations on growing your blog a more! Keep up all the great work and keep being cwafty ;) I can't wait to see more projects!

    1. Thanks Janice! I definitely will! Stay tuned for April I've got some good ones coming up!

      Stay Cwafty :)