Monday, March 31, 2014

March Art Challenge Week 4

These are the last bit of the month's art challenge drawings!

  1. glass
  2. details
  3. fruit
  4. clear
  5. hair
  6. texture
  7. joy
  8. music
  9. words
  10. you
Now that I'm all done it felt really nice to see all of my work for the month laid out.

I may not have gotten any discipline out of exercise, since I couldn't keep up with the drawing a day part but I did get the experience and I liked working with the prompts. Over all I am pleased with my first creative challenge I've assigned myself. It was also really nice to work alongside other bloggers and see their work as well!

I placed them all in my art journal! Its my plan to journal little notes about the challenge and my opinions on the pictures in the blank spaces.

Have you achieved any goal (big or small) recently?

Til Next Time!

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