Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Things Every Cwafty Girl Should Have In Her Purse

Like most people my age I am always on the go so I need a lot of stuff to be portable and with me at all times. I used to double my purse as a project bag and that got waaaaaay too hectic. Now I just try to keep the main essentials on me in case of any crafting emergencies or strikes of inspiration. Today I am going to share the 5 essentials I think every cwafty girl should keep in her purse.


  1. A notebook to write down all you ideas, notes, and general to-do lists. I keep this book on my person at all times to help keep my life a little more organized.
  2. A set of colorful pens! I once wrote only in purple for a year and now I hate the boring plain black pens society loves so much. I would say always have one though as they are important if you need to do anything official.
  3. A small pair of good scissors. Priceless to any crafter, need I say more?
  4. A small sewing kit. Now, I plan on making myself a travel sewing kit, but for now this one will do. This is wonderfully useful if you are clumsy and rip things a lot like I do, or you lose a button. A safety pin is always a great temporary solution til you can get home and fix something properly.
  5. A plain black Sharpie. What uses cant you find for a permanent marker on a day to day basis? Labeling things, doodling, bold reminders, crossing things out, drawing mustaches on photos, outlining, etc.
 Now this isn't all I keep in my purse, like I said before, I have a lot of stuff that I need every day.

Here's a shot of the normal contents of my purse:

It is all barely contained in my new purse I picked up at Goodwill the other day until I finally finish the one on my shelf of unfinished projects.

Do you have any crafty things you keep on you at all times? Or anything you wish was more portable?

Til Next Time!

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