Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Wire Wrapped Button Bracelet

Whew ladies and gents, last week was exhausting. I started my new job and they gave me a lot more hours than I expected. Now, having just quit a managing position, I'm used to a lot of hours and hard work. When you couple that with learning a completely new position, plus a new trade(I've never worked retail), and a schedule flip(I used to close mostly and now I open mostly, earlier than I ever opened at the restaurant) it all adds up to a completely pooped RaChil. Therefore I took a bloggy-break but I'm back, and with great news!

  1. My last two posts were my most popular posts ever for their categories! Seriously, everyone seems to love my Crystal Necklace tutorial, its my most viewed and most pinned project by an exuberant amount.
  2. That has lead to a general increased following on the blog so I'd like to say 'Ello to any new readers and welcome them to the site! Lets become BCBs , best crafting buddies :) Feel free to comment below or message me if you ever have any questions or just want to chat!
  3. Guys, I have major news. Its huge, its magnificent, it monumental! But I can't tell you yet- don't hate me, I'll be writing a whole post about my big surprise soon(I'm thinking next Tuesday?) and some changes it may mean to the blog!
Speaking of my last DIY, that one was a really long project. To bring a little balance back to the blog, I came up with this super quick bracelet!

It only takes about 30 minutes to make, maybe more depending on the amount of buttons you need. It's a great summer craft, or a good group craft. Me and a few of my girlfriends made some button jewelry a few days ago, and that's where I came up with this one!


  1. Buttons (I used mini-buttons, and only needed 18, I have very tiny wrists though)
  2. Eye pins (As many as you need buttons)
  3. Needle Nose Pliers
  4. Wire Trimmer
  5. Bracelet (or supplies to make a bracelet)
    • Length of chain
    • Closure
    • Jump rings
Step 1: Grab a button and eye pin (1). Insert the eyepin into the top hole of the button (2).
Make sure the pin is straight and that about 1/4th of the end with the eye is sticking out (3). Bend the end with the eye up (4).

Now bend up the straight end as well (5). Using your pliers wrap the straight end tight around the eye end (6). Continue wrapping until the eye side is covered up to the eye (7). Finished (8).

To find out how many buttons you need, you must decide the spacing of your buttons, I did one every three links. Then count out links in your chain: for example, one, two, three, button1, one, two, three, button2. 
You can see how some of my wrappings are slightly wonky, but they're barely noticeable. It's a learning process.

Step 2: Once you've wrapped all the buttons you're going to need, its important to lay them out and try different color combos, pairings and juxtapositions to see which you like best!

Step 3: Using your needle nosed pliers go ahead and open the "eye" section of your eye pin.

Find the correct link in your chain that you want the button to hang from and hook it on. Use your pliers to close the "eye". Now repeat until your bracelet is full!

Now isn't that a yummy looking bracelet? I'm not kidding, they look like candy! I love how the brights  look against the copper, I think it makes them pop more than a silver bracelet would.

I have been on a really big jewelry making kick lately, and I have been very happy with my results. It's made for some of my best posts!

This was a refreshing project after how stressful last week was. It was nice to just sit down with some friends, talk, craft, and listen to music. Do you like to craft with a buddy or do you do your best work solo? I've really been enjoying crafting with friends lately and I want to hold a crafting party so badly!

Til Next Time!


  1. Oh what a neat way to attach the buttons! I wasn't even thinking to use headpins when I made mine a while back. Yours came out so cute!

    1. Thanks Carly! I was trying to think outside the box :) I love it, it looks like candy!

  2. Really smart to use headpins instead of copper wires! And the colorful buttons are so cute! Nice work! Check out my blog if you can, http://elegantjewelrybeadsandaccessories.blogspot.com/ Thanks!