Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello World.exe

Hello Internet Friends! My name is RaChil. Yes capital letter in the middle and all. I have an odd family. You can call me RaCh. Anyway, I want to share my interesting, creative, busy busy busy life with you. To start us off let me introduce myself to you with some Fun Facts!

Fun Facts

 1. I really love animals, like pet anything with more than two legs but less that eight immediately. I have a kitten named Marbles, you'll probably see her soon.

2. My favorite superhero is Batman, and my favorite super villain is the Joker. I am a huge Batman nerd. Among many other things. 

3. It is a personal life goal of mine to be able to make anything. So I feel sorta lucky that this whole DIY craze has come around and made learning new things even easier with sites like Pinterest, Craftgawker, and Tumblr to name a few. I have learned many skills but I know I still have a long way to go.

 4. I am 5'4" ½ inches tall, which according to that Google search I just did is just slightly above average. Nice.

 5. I go to college full time(Even if I am taking this year off). I make and sell things on etsy, and I manage at a fast food restaurant. I really like my job, even if it is a huge swirling black hole that eats away time. But I digress.

 6. My favorite shows are Sherlock, The Venture Brothers, Breaking Bad, and Adventure time. I am currently watching Lost for the first time, and let me tell you, I am on season three and it is close to being there!

7. In elementary school I won both a scholastic reading award and a creative hat competition, in which my entry was a foot tall Abraham Lincoln-esque star spangled beauty that I made out of cardboard and painted myself. So my love for reading and my love for crafting go back. Wayyyy back.

8. I am used to dying my hair a new color ever few months, but I have been clean and sober for almost a year(to give my hair a break). I also have had super short hair the last 4 years and am currently growing it out, just to see how it will be to have long hair again.

9. My craft idol is Twinkie Chan. She is an amazingly inspirational and talented artist whose entrepreneurship partly inspired my own.

10. I made this!(thought I should give an example of my work.)
R2-Sweet tooth, my ceramic cookie jar.
One of my best pieces from that class.

I think that covers all the basics about me. I hope to post lots of DIY tutorials, my personal projects, cat pictures (just kidding...or am I? I apologize in advance), and interesting tidbits from my life. I will try to do this as regularly as I can and by that I mean probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays mostly.
I'm even going to try to have my first tutorial up by next Tuesday. Wish me luck!


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