Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Year's Resolution...8 months late

 Let's just say I procrastinated?

I have a problem. A crafting problem in particular. When I come up with a good idea I can't stop thinking about, I get really really psyched about it, get all the supplies for it and then dive right in to making it. Now, that doesn't sound too bad, but I feel like my creativity is a bad habit at times for a few reasons.

1. I always pick the most inconvenient time to start projects. I craft to relieve stress, but normally when I am stressed out that is a bad time to start a new project. I also craft to procrastinate, sometimes even procrastinating on projects by starting new projects!

2. I have this bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them, partly because of reason number 1, or because I run out of inspiration, or because some horrible setback happened and now I'm discouraged or need to just take a break from it for a while.
This has gotten so bad that I have a whole shelf in my room dedicated to unfinished projects.  

3. I am a really nice person, and when people need something done or ask me to make them something I can't say no. Even when I am swamped with shop orders, have like 30 hours at work, and two projects due next week at school for example.

This is a real issue. I have so many projects on that shelf! And it is a serious thing when projects get on that shelf. Once a project is placed upon the shelf it never leaves. Its like a bad urban myth that my crafts scare each other with in my workshop at night.

So this(these) is(are) my New Years Resolution(s):
1. I am going to try to finish at least 4 of the projects on my unfinished project shelf this year (one per month)
2. I am going to make decisions with my sanity in mind this year!
4. Going to try to start actually making all my own clothes (there I go starting new projects!)

I hope that posting it will help me keep to it and I plan of making posts for each project I finish, both wardrobe wise and unfinished.

Do you guys have any crafting problems? Do you guys have these problems like me? How are you doing on your resolutions 8 months in? Are you guys ready for a tutorial Tuesday?

Til Next Time!

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