Thursday, August 29, 2013

Art Adventure Time: Come on grab your pens!

So I have decided to combine my love of adventure time and doing art to make a segment for my blog called Art Adventure Time! Creative and original right? Don't worry, I'll work on it.

Anyway the basic idea is I pack up a bag with supplies:
  • Art Journal
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Random Assortment of Mediums (a few colored pencils, a marker, a piece of charcoal ) 
  • Water Bottle
  • Snack
  • Camera

 Then I go on an adventure! I was a major wild child as a kid, climbing trees, running around, catching bugs and all manor of critters, exploring places I probably shouldn't be. These adventures will be a combination of that and documenting what I see and experience (that's the art part.) I am really excited to start doing these little adventures, and it gives me a reason to go outside. I don't really mind going outside, I just think someone needs to turn the sun down a few notches and that I should never get sunburned. So I'm more of a night person.

I went on a mini-adventure to give you guys and myself a small taste. I have recently moved and now live in a neighborhood with a golf course, and its beautiful here. There is lots of varied nature; ponds, streams, glades, grassy hills, even a bog!

Anyone else think this mushroom resembles an apple core?

It's like a whole other world.
 I had a bunch of fun test-running this idea. I walked just down the street and found a mini bog/swamp with mangrove-esque trees and I could reach one to climb over the water! The only problem was I couldn't bring my camera over with me because I still haven't sewn a strap for it and needed both hands to climb. Not to be deterred I ran back home and grabbed my friend Josh, who did the camera work in the first two shots while I played with the origami boat I made from a sheet of paper I was glad I had grabbed as one of my supplies. Next time I will definitely have a camera strap and a backpack to carry my supplies in. Much easier than a purse, and Finn has such a rad pack, all good adventurers need one. 

Til Next Time,

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