Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Lace Infinity Scarf

A super-quick, cute, and cheap diy project! I thought this would be a great first tutorial for me. I hope you enjoy it.

I was inspired to make this scarf by looking at my plain outfit of a dark grey t-shirt and skinny jeans and thinking, "This just needs a little ...something." I went straight to my cwaft corner and rummaged around in my fabric drawers and found this beautiful pewter grey slightly metallic lace!

Just tying it on like a normal scarf looked a little too frilly for my tastes, so I decided to make an infinity scarf.  I didn't want anything really warm, this is a late summer/pre-fall scarf, so I decided to just keep it single layered.


  1.  1/2 yd lace (Mine is 60inches long)
  2.  Sewing Machine
  3.  Pins

Tips for Sewing with Lace: 

  • Sew on the lowest tension, otherwise the lace could get pulled down by the feed dogs and eaten by your machine
  • Do NOT backstitch at the end of your seams, lace is too fragile and the aforementioned problem could occur, just make sure you have an inch or so of thread left at the end and tie it off and clip the ends

Step 1: Fold your fabric in half horizontally, like how it come on the bolt. Pin the short sides of the fabric together, like so. At this point you want the wrong sides of the fabric facing together, because we are going to make a french seam, to prevent this fragile lace scarf from unraveling.

Step 2: Sew down the short end with a 1/2 an inch inseam.  When you finish that trim your seam allowance down to about 1/4 an inch.

Step 3: Turn the scarf inside out so the seam is now on the inside, as is the right side of the fabric now. Now you are going to fold the fabric on the seam and pin the same edge as before.

Step 4: Sew another straight line down with a 1/2 an inch inseam.

 Congratulations! You now have a 5 minute accessory that can easily tie together numerous outfits!

Texture shot!
If you guys make a scarf I would love to see it!

Til Next Time!

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  1. Yay! Love me an infinity scarf (I may just have a few coming up during SCARF WEEK this week). Thanks so much for linking up. I think you were our first! (So exciting.) Great to "meet" you, RaChil.